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New Diary Entries

Day's Off (0 comments)
My sister has had the last two days off. So we went to the food bank, went to visit my Uncle Bob, and filled up our water jugs.

by kayla8

Untitled Entry (0 comments)
Online dating is hilarious and ridiculous at the same time. I only just met Daniel three days ago and I'm already really into him. Moreso, we're into each other. We started to voice call for about 40 (more)

by diets fail

Baby daddy drama (0 comments)  PIC
Continue the

by shorties

"DEATHS BY SELFIE" (0 comments)
What’s going on in the world these days? Instant popularity leads the souls astray. Technology helps them to do what they may as if it’s the only to fill their days. Everybody wants to b (more)

by facing_reality

Worst Beauty fuck ups? (0 comments)
This evening on the radio radio they're talking about a questionnaire which was being conducting... "Worst Beauty fuck ups? The start of this Mighty conversation, a woman used pencil crayon as eye Lin (more)

by shorties

Grey's anatomy I think will make it. (1 comments)
I don't think Grey's anatomy is going to be no more.... These are sad words, Listening 2 that first song "how for your life" -by the fray. I have a lot season 10, but I heard that Merrideth loses Dere (more)

by shorties

Day 100 of spring cleaning (0 comments)  PIC
Today Getting Linkin up this morning and had his sucky but noticed I had a bottle, decided to hide the sucky beside his crib mattress, on the far side I can't reach before answering in gibberish, yes (more)

by shorties

To be a football player .... (0 comments) list=PLpqkekKe2rqNkJR- EnbWR_IavYI2QVSKd&params=OAFIAVgW& v=pRpeEdMmmQ0&mode=NORMAL Lyrics to come

by shorties

Doesn't kill me makes me stronger (0 comments)
"What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)" You know the bed feels warmer Sleeping here alone You know I dream in colour And do the things I want You think you got the best of me Think you've had the last laug (more)

by shorties

Music tunes (0 comments)  PIC list=PLpqkekKe2rqNkJR- EnbWR_IavYI2QVSKd&params=OAFIAVgC& v=ohpmIZj2ZKQ&mode=NORMAL v=DRFCvcFLjoI .....To be continued

by shorties

Danielle Stein (0 comments)
Daniel is jelly that other people can skip school. Anyway... today was weird. In my mind somewhere, I did want to talk to Fredy. But I felt ignored in Sociology and he sits far away in art. So when he (more)

by diets fail

Still ducking cleaning (0 comments)
The better of myself better shouldn;t let the bad parts give to the glorious pleasures of having fun. im not really having fun. I folded piles of laundry and missed matched socks off our bedroom floo (more)

by shorties

"OH, CHARMING ABUSER!" (0 comments)
You buy her everything all your money can bring even that 24-carat diamond ring in hopes they’d make her heart sing. You take her to fancy places your fancy car can reach in a winning race. Yo (more)

by facing_reality

Thoughts on a Phone (0 comments)
Journal: may 18th 2014 When you're alone, truely alone, there's a lot of time to think. On my deck alone in the back yard, under the sun that's actually hidden behind the dark clouds of a pending stor (more)

by da bartender

A struggling author in the making. Yeah, I guess that’s just how I see myself these days. So, my very first book is finally coming out on May 25 in local bookstores. YAY! Congrats me. It&rsquo (more)

by facing_reality

The ghosts of my life blow wider than before. (0 comments)
When I am feeling nostalgic, I tend to come back to this place. I have kept this silly journal now for twelve years. I have written in fits and starts, and whenever I return I come seeking assurance o (more)

by faeriedark

Thoughts about the future (0 comments)
I'm questioning my relationship and if I'm even right for my partner.

by aronism

mother's day (0 comments)  PIC
Tea Party suppose to start at 1. They were 40 minutes late sick of waiting we started eating a few minutes before they arrived. We had Cold raspberry tea Tassimo, lemonade Blueberries, strawberries, b (more)

by intodeep

My neice (0 comments)
She lives in California,and came over for the week-end. I live across the river from Laughlin,Nevada,which is a gambling town. So,of course we went gambling. Didn't win,but had fun.

by kayla8

Kitchen sting cleaning (0 comments)  PIC
I'm getting black cabinets and all black bin... no see the dirt. lOl washing out the garbage bin was not easy task, my arms are t-Rex too short.… rawrI'll admit, it's much better to have a larg (more)

by shorties

I say it now... (0 comments)
I'm done trying to help People. My family or his family are a different category. Friend asked For The 4th time for help and I finally said no. She bailed every other time so I'm done and he agreed wi (more)

by jar of hearts

The Great American Shakespeare Odyssey (5 comments)
Here's what I'm thinking a crazy road trip across america on the greyhound bus, visiting all the different shakespeare festivals in America. Visiting as many and seeing as many shakespeare shows as po (more)

by windgirl

"SLUT-SHAMING" (0 comments)  PIC
Your lame effort makes me smirk, wince, and want to puke my guts out, yet I’m just sneering at your double-standard, because I know what you’re all about. It’s just your not-so-subt (more)

by facing_reality

"ENOUGH." (0 comments)
Here we go again. I’ve never thought that once again, you did that. You just had to, didn’t you? It was your childish, irrational tantrums that had to stop. I’ve had it. We all hav (more)

by facing_reality

Fracking idiots (0 comments)
Haven't posted in pretty much forever but just now had to. I hate being out and hearing closed minded asstards make negative comments about people who love dofferently then them, but I hold my tongue, (more)

by sbillyo

Untitled Entry (0 comments)
I keep telling myself that it's okay to cry, to panic internally. One day, I'm going to explode in front of everyone. Next thing I know, I'm in the dean's office while he figures out my punishment. Th (more)

by diets fail


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