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WTF "Theraputic Relationships" no comments
Ethics either needs to be 2 hours long or a full semester class. I've literally learned nothing and I have 3 classes left.

by jar of hearts

This country is going downhill 1 comment
There I said it. This has been going on for several years now. We live in a day where a football player gets fined for wearing cleats supporting the first responders on 9/11, a baseball player was suspended for the rest of the season without pay over tweets (read more...)

by dobby

Next act is coming up... 1 comment
Literally, In the past two to three weeks, my life has pretty much changed... Or should I say my environment? Basically you know how we split time by large chunks of spans? Such as using decades, or saying generation X, Y... blah blah... Well this seems to b (read more...)

by justthatguy

Vivah Las Vegas Part 2 1 comment
The morning of the wedding wasn't this magical classical music themed Disney adventure with two birds opening the curtains to my bedroom. My bedroom faced the interior of a gas lit casino and I hacked into a trashcan because I may have snored funny that night (read more...)

by lekhikaa

In a funk... 3 comments
I've been in a funk the last few days.  I keep feeling like I could cry over absolutely nothing at the drop of a pin.  I continue to apply for jobs but I haven't had one bite.  I reached out to someone to start volunteering so hopefully next week I'll be (read more...)

by girlontheverge

Reiki and crystals no comments
I had an emotional release today and of course the 4 people that practice reiki are now all "I'm praying for you" and hugged me and stuff. It felt good to let some things go energetically, I still feel a bit drained, but nothing a nice warm shower won't hel (read more...)

by jar of hearts

All safe! 6 comments
 I was in Manhattan in the area the night of the bombing a bunch of freak things, made my friend and I late and a little further away then we were originally supposed to be. The world is strange and I'm very grateful. In other news though, NY marches on, an (read more...)

by windgirl


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