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New Diary Entries

The Minority Report (1 comments)
I am becoming more of an optimist with the more shit I see. It's odd because most people do describe me as a negative and pessimistic person and perhaps that's how I come out but inside, I feel hopefu (more)

by lekhikaa

"THE DARK BROWN DOOR" (0 comments)
"Whatever happens, never open that door."Ani nodded as Mr.Armand, the owner of that big, old and two-story house in that quiet suburb area warned. It was her first day as a housekeeper for the forty-s (more)

by facing_reality

She's still The Ex-Guardian of The Isolated Castle on an exile,who'd gone about alone that nighttaking another extra mileunprepared for another reality's biteThe Ex-Guardian is far away from her own I (more)

by facing_reality

Untitled Entry (6 comments)
Being a reclusive introvert with extrovert tendencies always makes doing anything a little weird. I was originally going to buy a house. Now I'm more for buying land and building my own. Out in the mi (more)

by heretic1982

Black Friday/ The backpack search continues (1 comments)
It is down to these five. item.aspx?itemid=187 B00IMXPVW item.aspx?itemid=539 item.asp (more)

by windgirl

Dear Robbie,I choose to remember you this way. How? I'm not sure where to begin, but I hope I'm doing this right. If not, I'm sorry.I remember when Farida first brought you to our writers' club gather (more)

by facing_reality

update to my crazy life! (1 comments)
Right now ,my husband is in jail down in Phoenix,cause he owes back child support. I am still trying to finish repairs on the house. And now suddenly everyone I know needs my help with something. The (more)

by kayla8

Closed... (1 comments)
So I'm re-enrolling in state insurance till the window opens up for my job again. I got myself set up, then I was setting my boyfriend up. I closed the window. It took me days, DAYS to get his social (more)

by asylum...

My speech pathology bachelor's finally pays off (8 comments)
I was a double major in school. I graduated with a dual degree in Communication Disorders and Theatre. I was very close to a minor in both English, and Deaf Studies, but didn't feel like staying an ex (more)

by windgirl

Book of Enos (2 comments)
This week's reading had a lot of parallels to what is going on in the world today. Wars, rumors of wars, groups of people who once peacefully lived side by side are now in battle with one another. Som (more)

by LDSblog4me

Leave a message on my phoneI might get back to you later,once I'm far from gone.Text me,but I'm afraid I can't respond faster.For tonight, I'd like my personal fun.Email me if you like,but I'm sorry y (more)

by facing_reality

The Visit, The Intern, Goosebumps, Secret in Their Eyes, Broadway Flea Market, Halloween, New Job... (0 comments)  PIC
First off as always, I will start with my movie reviews. I saw four movies since my last post. I have to give 'The Visit' a B. The trailer looked very good for this, however... I hate M. Night movies (more)

by melissa1687

Pin Tested: Lemon and Dill Chicken (0 comments)  PIC
I am on a roll with Pinterest recipes! This one necessary me to touch raw chicken (Ick! Eeew!) but I'm finding improved at undertaking that. I don't even put on gloves. It is amazing what slightly the (more)

by lindaregalado

But only just. (1 comments)
Someone just crashed into my car. They're saying it was my fault, except SOMEBODY CRASHED INTO MY CAR. I did not crash into theirs. I was in the left hand lane (remember, guys, we drive on the left) i (more)

by jaffacake

Dear Dad,Sorry, I think I've just broken my promise again. What promise? you might be wondering, if only you were still around. Well, this promise.I'm sorry I broke my promise to myself not to write t (more)

by facing_reality

"THE GHOSTS IN YOU" (0 comments)
What do you wish to seek in the dead of the night?An inspiration, despite the emptiness inside?What's the point of staying awake until the morning light?Sleeplessness is never alright.What's been on y (more)

by facing_reality

I'm a rebel (2 comments)
Lol yeah I wish... Seriously though sometimes it's fun to say "Fuck You" to the things in your life that you don't like... It's kind of why I like punk pop and rock in general. Because there's a bunch (more)

by justthatguy

From a soldier and food for thought. (6 comments)
This isn't just a rant from a soldier on the whole mess with the Syrian refugees coming in. It's a good read and something that many of us who volunteered and wore the uniform feel who have had first (more)

by heretic1982

Kid stuff (4 comments)
Being a parent can be really hard. I'm not complaining, and I'm not saying "hard" in a way that says it's too much, and I want out, I say "hard" because sometimes you have to use unconventional method (more)

by Secret expressions

Twitch.TV (0 comments)
So I decided that I'm going to try doing this streaming thing after I did the Game Day event on the 7th. Which by the way Extra Life has raised over $7 Million and counting from the event. I figured o (more)

by heretic1982

R E M I S S I O N !! (0 comments)
W00T W00T! Thyroid is back in remission after 2 long years of fighting with it. GRACIAS A DIOS! AMEN Y AMEN!! Now to seriously start getting a diet going. A sensible diet, of course. Of course there i (more)

by Write and Release

Guitars (0 comments)
I really... REALLY like playing the guitar(I just spelled out guiter and i have no clue why)... I think it's important that everybody have that something they can use to just clear their head... You k (more)

by justthatguy

"QUESTIONS OF FAITH" (0 comments)
More questions of faith emerge. Doubts are on the rise. Fear fills the silence of the late night air.What have we all become? Where is the love? What about peace and compassion? Whatever happens to th (more)

by facing_reality

"ONE QUIET NIGHT" (0 comments)
These streets are deadly quiet tonight.It's just past twelve, no one seems to be in sight.The weekend's no longer the same.Soon there'll be plenty of blaming games.Are you one of those lonely souls, e (more)

by facing_reality

(no title) Why? cause I can't think of one (0 comments)
dammit...the tooth I had a root canal on a few weeks ago, broke. I don't have an appt for the crown til Dec. and now that the tooth broke, I don't know if they can put a crown on it?? I'm no dentist s (more)

by Write and Release


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