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New Diary Entries

"FORGET HIM NOT" (1 comments)
Not only my best friends, a lot of people I know have said this same old thing - over and over again:"God works in mysterious ways."Indeed. I've always believed that and experienced it many times. I'm (more)

by facing_reality

Also here is the civilian me (4 comments)  PIC
Forgot to add my current look. Been growing it since my terminal started.

by heretic1982

Welp not as great as people say. (4 comments)
So I was on terminal leave since April. During that time I was looking for a new job. That didn't work out as well as everybody in my out processing briefings were trying to tell me. One, I was either (more)

by heretic1982

coming down (1 comments)
There are very few songs that give me the feeling that Fade Into by Mazzy Star does... I just heard this on OITNB and oh my God... I'll write a real entry soon... I think. I have things to write about (more)

by girl i know<3

Crayons and construction paper. (5 comments)
I wish that she could open her eyes, and stop being ignorantly selfish. I told her that we are not going to work, because we are so different. She keeps pushing for "us" to try to make it happen. I ha (more)

by prestonator

I met a nice cat today. (6 comments)
His name was Smoky. He was very dignified and made me feel like it was a privilege for me to pet his cute little ears. I'm not going to jump the gun here but I think I might have found a flat. Actuall (more)

by jaffacake

Getting started (5 comments)
My name is Preston, I have not used this website before, and I need to get used to it. I hope to make some friends, but I am looking for a place to be me candidly. If you have any cool tips, I more th (more)

by prestonator

"THE MYSTERY ME?" (2 comments)
I am the mystery,'though you think you can tell something about meWell, what do you know?How far can your knowledge go?I am the oddityWhy can't I be like everybody?You wonder with such a question,whil (more)

by facing_reality

"THE RELOCATION" (0 comments)
I'll make it short and simple, since I've been too exhausted lately.Hazel Eyes has left that house and been living close to me again...for now.R.

by facing_reality

Day 7: Yep. (2 comments)
I am a terrible person.

by reginapergladius

Sometimes I wish I wasn't so connected to the outside world. (3 comments)
Here is a list of the things that annoy me. 1. All my recent entries have been so full of negativity because I genuinely feel I have nothing positive in my life right now. I'm stuck in a hellhole of a (more)

by jaffacake

F@"}"GC HiADtMH]]HNC HpP}ASOOQ~lp@[AhFHC &ldquo;@qojj@TKGWK@Hobo@r{j]@qeV@DUF@_X} @OnIo@vUO@xjwg@lUM@O{R@VVNM@NOP@ew( N) VV@dFOwOoaH@HW\ @No@yTe`A{@iSORBwF@p@Wl_L@|Q@Fjwo@Y B@RfF@@d`@~@R_@qV@t@UUQRsb@Y (more)

by cheri

Day 6: Plums (0 comments)
What I did today: -Taught/worked -Went to Timbers game -Did laundry -Picked plums We have so many plums, it's a little ridiculous. We only picked a very small portion of one of our three plum trees ju (more)

by reginapergladius

Day 5: My Head is Cloudy (1 comments)
Yep. The title kind of says it all. I did have a relatively good day today. And I did keep busy enough that I didn't have any time to write until five minutes to midnight, so that must be a good thing (more)

by reginapergladius

Day 4: More Important Things (0 comments)
Since today was a planned day off of work (there's still training and classes tonight), I figured that I would spend the afternoon concluding the post from a few days earlier about growing into my cho (more)

by reginapergladius

Be blunt with yourself for onceYou still believe you're the centre of this universe,displaying your negative emotions,expecting them to feel bad about you or even worseBe cool; no need to be cruelYou' (more)

by facing_reality

Sometimes the past can come back to you in so many ways. It only takes one day in your present life, a short encounter with that very familiar face.It was completely out of the blue. I was walking dow (more)

by facing_reality

Day 3: Bike Lock (1 comments)
Today's entry is going to be one of those I warned you about yesterday, one that is not very long. I left the house this morning at 9:30 to go to the studio where I trained and taught all day. I got b (more)

by reginapergladius

Yes. Nothing is changing. When I'm so desperate, so thirsty for change, nothing does. If I would just.. SETTLE.. I wouldn't be feeling the way I do. Repeating myself all the time. Hate how shit my lif (more)

by jaffacake

Chance and Change. (0 comments)
Everyone says I'll go when I get a chance or I have a little extra change. Well I'll take my chances and the only changes I can find are in me. So I go.

by windgirl


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