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New Diary Entries

Cuttin beans for days (0 comments)
I would like to think of Cutting beans for days as sort of a funny thing, except of course when you have to do it. I feel like snipping bean crates had become the most time consuming thing on the face (more)

by seira

Created a professional blog (0 comments)
Now I just need business cards and I'm almost on my way.

by sleepyfantasia

inspiration (0 comments)

by windgirl

Coffee cups, Islamists, Ferguson…. (6 comments)
He says it a million times better than I could. I started reading some of his blog at his website I can say for certain, the way this administration is making'll have to be de (more)

by heretic1982

"THE WATCHER" (0 comments)
I wish I could just come up and talk to you there. You always sit by the window, ordering black coffee. You often gaze outside, doing nothing else. You look like you're waiting for someone.Obviously, (more)

by facing_reality

Random updates. (10 comments)
Work has been slowing down a bit out here, if only to pick back up here in about a week. At least that gives me some breathing room to kind of relax and get ahead of the power curve. With that being s (more)

by heretic1982

Physically Exhausted, Mentally Buzzing (0 comments)
I woke up today to feel a tooth throbbing, and two others aching when you touch them. With a bit of Tylenol, that faded into something bearable. However, a little later I started to get nauseous and f (more)

by internalreflection

It's 1 am, somewhere. (1 comments)
Dance, dance, sing, clean, re-boot. Russian spiritual folky music, high, and past my natural bed time. My next birth into the northwest is starting to show itself to me. It's also showing me that I ne (more)

by sleepyfantasia

DeadHand issue #1 mini: pages 6-10 (1 comments)  PIC
And here are the last 5 pages of the mini for issue 1. Enjoy!

by coma white

DeadHand issue #1 mini: pages 1-5 (1 comments)  PIC
After a few revisions, the colorist sent me the latest version of the pages. Before I send them to the letterer to finish off the pages, I wanted to take some time to digest the artwork and sleep on i (more)

by coma white

Sick = no work (5 comments)
I went home early from Walmart yesterday to get a throat swab. Strep has been going around like crazy lately and I just wanted to put my mind at ease. I went in and met with a nurse and all that stuff (more)

by jar of hearts


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