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New Diary Entries

Phew (3 comments)
So just a quick update: my bloodwork came back normal, so the tumor appears to be benign. Phew, such a sense of relief. Hopefully, the surgery will go fine and without trouble and all this will be behind me shortly. :)

by staticalerrorx

The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside. (10 comments)
I wasn't able to have breakfast this morning which will throw my whole day off. We bought these to go oatmeal packets and I brought one to work. However, the bowl I found to heat it up, it melted in t (more)

by flawed amour

Too bad money doesn't grow on trees! (8 comments)
My apartment looks like a shit hole, again. No body seems to like to clean. However, I have made it my mission to clean our entire apartment this week. I was able to do 3 loads of laundry last night a (more)

by flawed amour

This song this feeling (0 comments)
And If I didn't dance I would not be able to breathe

by windgirl

"I THANK GOD FOR THE RAIN" (0 comments)
I always thank God for the rain. There are always reasons for that. Just like when I was a kid. I loved dancing in the rain. I didn’t care if Ma was angry, or that I’d catch a cold after (more)

by facing_reality

"MR.KNOW-IT-ALL" (0 comments)
You’ll be surprised how fast time flies. You walk into the room, thinking it’ll be the same. It’s just more people, more audience for you and just fine. You (think you) are still on (more)

by facing_reality

"BE THAT ELEGANT EX!" (0 comments)
Note: This may not be that suitable for more serious problems that end a relationship, like abuse, harassment, or even fraud! Like it or not, most of us have been exes – either out of past rom (more)

by facing_reality

Just call me negative Nancy. (4 comments)
My mom got a call from her doctor today stating that they found something wrong with her spine in the MRI results. That might be the good news we are looking for. Long story, short. That might not sou (more)

by flawed amour

Just fix it already! (1 comments)
Looks like I'm just better off taking a year off than finding a job. I'm not getting an answer back from higher headquarters pertaining to anything related about when I'm officially done. They've scre (more)

by heretic1982

wordless (0 comments)
The words I need are not in my mouth only in my hands. they swim between between my intercostals. Let me know Can you hear them? I wish I didn't mean them. But I do. and with their silence they hope i (more)

by windgirl

Untitled Entry (0 comments)
You could very much say that I have successfully refrained myself from contacting Jesus. The first couple days were very hard and even now I sometimes feel like talking to him, but I'm much better on (more)

by diets fail

Trailer talk. (2 comments)
I cannot wait until we can actually live in our trailer. Which I hope is soon. The weather just won't warm up enough for us to turn the water back on without further damage of the pipes. Minnesota isn (more)

by jar of hearts

New Moods for DE (5 comments)  PIC
DE has some new moods! Ashamed Elated Manic Restless Sleepy These graphics were created exclusively for Digital Expressions by an independent graphic designer. The copyrights are held by the Digital E (more)

by de maintenance

¨ì¦¹¬°¤î (0 comments)
|F^DvAAAaU@HAjaBz@qYC QUQdRPApa`OHC }Yja|IA]\n@IASlA`|LhC \@U@CUe]rHAZOAu{]eC

by cheri

Recovery (0 comments)
It's been a few days since I started to take my medicine again. The effect was almost immediate. Reduced anxiety, mood improves to a more happy numb level. It's better than painfully depressed. And wh (more)

by seira

Whoa... (2 comments)
So after my amazing, wonderful exciting news. I got some more exciting news. The university also decided to give me a Dean's scholarship. Thennn, i went to the dr and they found a mass.. an 18cm x 18c (more)

by staticalerrorx

are the US equity markets overvalued? (0 comments)
It's time for a quick review of some market indicators and my thoughts on what they mean. The S&P500 is trading at a P/E of just below 20, but let's call it an even 20 for the purposes of discussion. (more)

by the quant

Austin, San Antonio, Texas (10 comments)  PIC
Texas was badass. I loved every single minute of it. I especially loved Austin. We had fantastic weather. Live music and dancing are my number one things I do to let loose and have fun. I was for sure (more)

by windgirl

The Dress (2 comments)
Is the topic of today for a lot of people, even celebs. I won't view it. To all the dumb people light reflects, and people see things differently #TheDress isn't magic #Illusions #studyscience

by intodeep

Once a liar, always a liar. (13 comments)
This has been an interesting week, needless to say. I won't go into details though. Today I am taking 2 hours of doctor time to go with to my mom's doctor appointment. Lucky me, I get to work tomorrow (more)

by flawed amour


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