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We took each other for granted Back then, every thing felt jaded We were too busy with our own chaotic minds, not even to find a little time to assess the whole situation No room for real talk; just scrambling around for solutions anything to reduce and slo (read more...)

by facing_reality

Alright, August is almost over. September is approaching soon. I'm getting even busier and unsure whether I'll still have the time to write in here. Wait, scratch the last part, please. I have to make the time. There's a difference between writing for the (read more...)

by facing_reality

Vivah Las Vegas Part 1 8 comments
Shortly after my engagement to my British beau and ultimately life changing decision to cross the pond and terrorize the English for their centuries of colonization and spelling things terribly, my fiancee and I realized the citizenship process would become (read more...)

by lekhikaa

My confusion with the lovely Jade and my heart and life and stuff... 1 comment
The tides of my feelings are kind of dark lately. I haven't worked since June. The girl I was courting doesn't like me. I'm at loss in what direction I take. One of my favorite emotionally available housemates is moving out. I cried yesterday, a little - (read more...)

by sleepyfantasia

2 Weeks 2 comments
It has been 2 weeks since everything changed.  2 weeks since the horrible sinking feeling in my gut won't leave.  2 weeks since I last saw her face, heard her voice, gave her a hug.   My mom is gone.  She has been gone for 2 weeks.  She is really gone, (read more...)

by computerizedhick

Missing you still no comments
Still wake up and miss you.  It's been two years.  You'll never read this and I will never be able to tell you.  I just expect you to walk through the door one day but that can ever happen.  What would I even say if you did?

by grantavegirl

Darkest hours 1 comment
Lately life has been very difficult. I lost some good friends along the way and a fool of myself was made in the process. I feel very alone inside, so very alone. Im trapped in a life I feel unhappy in and I can not escape, until financially I can leave. (read more...)

by seira

I put a ring on it! 8 comments
Yep I did that. :)

by justthatguy


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