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New Diary Entries

Wow!! (0 comments)
So much is going on right now! First, one of my nephews ,shot and killed himself. My oldest son and I got into it!! My second oldest son and his girlfriend got into it, so he stayed here for a few days. Too much!!

by kayla8

Carbon Black Chapter 5 (0 comments)
Arggh, we were so close! Pat shouted. Cmon! Chris shouted to his brother, urging him to board. Pat turned to his brother then turned to the three vampires cutting off Bentley and Daniel. Pat squeezed (more)

by coma white

I hate kids. (2 comments)
There. I said it. Disclaimer: I don't keep tabs on many diaries on DE, and off the top of my head, I can think of only one that is also a mother - you know who you are, and you're a brilliant mother, (more)

by jaffacake

So, what are my real answers to all the previous eight (8) questions: 1. What makes you happy? GETTING PAID Who’s not happy with this? Especially if you get paid from doing what you really l (more)

by facing_reality

Clearly life has been keeping me away (2 comments)
It dawned on me earlier today that I haven't been here in months. At least before i would come on, read a bit, and then pop back off (not bothering to update on my own). I haven't updated in almost a (more)

by wukie

To much (0 comments)
I don't handle people's stupidity well. Ever. And staying at my sisters makes me meet with bobbi a hole lot more Then she bitches that I smoke to much and that I better hope I don't think about dippin (more)

by shorties

irrationality (0 comments)
This morning I watched in awe as the Dow fell 1,000 points. I was in awe at the amount of irrationality being displayed by traders, acting on emotion and adrenaline, making horrible decisions that man (more)

by the quant

Untitled Entry (0 comments)
So I officially started senior year last week. All my classes are strictly academic, and I could tell on the first day of school that spanish would be a drag and anatomy would be the only class I woul (more)

by neutrals

i was willing. (0 comments)
i truly was willing to save you, but you didn't let me. you go on and keep pointing fingers but why don't you try looking at the mirror? evaluate yourself. haven't you figured it out yer?

by 183cm

Let it go (0 comments)
Hello! I'm Vic. :) 22 - Minnesota - Virgo I make it a priority to wander through life with an open heart and mind. ♥

by venusearth

Untitled Entry (1 comments)
I suppose this is a new leaf for her, too. Time to (wo)man the fuck up, apparently. She won some money in the bingo and bought me some stuff for the house. Big stuff. A bed, a new computer chair and a (more)

by jaffacake

Jurassic World, Minions, The Gift, Pixels, TLC/NKOTB, One Direction... (1 comments)  PIC
Finally back here with an entry. As always, I'll start with my movie reviews. I saw "Jurassic World' (twice), "Minions", "The Gift" and "Pixels". Reviews below: I have to give 'Jurassic World' an A+. (more)

by melissa1687

Carbon Black Chapter 4 (0 comments)
Daniel and Josie moved in silence. They snuck across the airfield in the shadows toward the deafening battle. There they are, Josie directed. Women and children funneled into the shuttle under the cov (more)

by coma white

I sometimes get writing ideas in class. Once we were discussing and reviewing gerunds and nouns, where we used these eight (8) feeling-related questions out of the book we used that day:1. What makes (more)

by facing_reality

"MY INDEPENDENCE" (0 comments)
I suppose I've gained my independence,having my personal stancein life as it isalthough not always full of bliss.It's the choices I makeresponsibilities I takein hopes that there's no heart to break.I (more)

by facing_reality


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