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New Diary Entries

Untitled Entry (3 comments)
holla @ yo gurl (me): June 22: 173.6 September 15: 152.4 motha fuckaaaaaas aww yea I'm down two belt notches and will probably have to buy a new belt relatively soon. I fit into most of my size small (more)

by blue jelly beans

Checking in 7 years later! Whatwhaaaaaat. (1 comments)  PIC
Holy shit, I was writing on my newest blog and I had remembered I had this journal, my very first blog! Wtfffff. After I moved on from this blog, I had another blog which was pretty popular, then aban (more)

by rkanime3

Or... Maybe Not? (0 comments)
I think I was very upset when I wrote that last entry, because I still like that boy... The hope and feelings have faded a bit, yes. But I can't deny that I have a crush. I guess I'm still keeping my (more)

by internalreflection

Breakfast for champs (1 comments)
So I'm starting this new thing where I wake up 2 hours before my morning shifts at Walmart during the week. So I can actually have time to eat breakfast, brush my teeth, take a shower, and let Maddie (more)

by jar of hearts

%u653E%u4E0D%u4F4E (0 comments)
%u9694%u8457%u96FB%u8A71, %u4E5F%u77E5%u9053%u653E%u4E0D% u4F4E%u3002%u7576%u7136, %u653E%u5F97%u4F4E%u770B%u5F97% u958B, %u5C31%u4E0D%u6703%u6253%u96FB% u8A71%u4E86%u3002 %u70BA%u4F55%u6211%u8981%u591A% (more)

by cheri

Wedding (2 comments)  PIC
My brother got married yesterday.I told his wife that she is definitely the least douche girl he dated and has chosen to marry and I'm happy about that.She's a douche, but the least douche of all the (more)

by jar of hearts

Change of Affection (1 comments)
That boy I liked so much a few days ago.. Is now simply, just a small crush. 1 quarter of what is used to be, after waking up yesterday. By waking up I mean realizing, "What the hell am I thinking, wa (more)

by internalreflection

And it all comes out. (0 comments)
I am a little bit buzzed right now I will admit, but usually that's when you can do your best of certain things. Lately I have not been feeling the wave of remembrance to write something. I have been (more)

by seira

Lately (0 comments)
Since my wisdom teeth came out I have been feeling better in some aspects. My heart rate has lowered and the fever disappeared. Needless to say I am doing better minus weird bruising and severe fatigu (more)

by seira

shoes get expensive (1 comments)  PIC
TJMAXX has a lot of expensive items. I'm not a shoe expert. Sorry didn't get pics of everything I should have And then made this a guess which price goes to which shoe. Maybe next time! Some that I sa (more)

by intodeep

Trader Joe's (0 comments)
Grand Opening today next to Marshall's etc. Hadn't been in one before. Really went to turn in the card for a free shopping bag and enter the giveaway. Mom bought shallots and mushrooms. We got free sa (more)

by intodeep

Mysterious bruise (3 comments)  PIC
It appeared a week ago after one night and I have no recollection of it. I feel it is a very unusual place for a bruise. I'll post. And no, it's not abuse. Just trying to find a reason.

by seira

I can't speak (0 comments)
So I haven't posted on this in, like, a really long time. But I've been wanting to write about this for a bit, and I want it to be a bit more... private, I guess? Recently I've formed a pretty big cru (more)

by internalreflection

Plain and simple (0 comments)
I miss you.

by grantavegirl

Pressed (0 comments)
She pressed her love into the back of the book. Like a victorian flower press. Love like pressed flowers is a mildly antiquated and is almost certainly to be considered outdated. Best left to dry and (more)

by windgirl

Sundrops and Landmarks (0 comments)
Ideo synchronis tic lullabies of space. The spaces between people are like music and sounds of our beings. How I respond to people and how I respond to myself are the same. How I show people my love i (more)

by sleepyfantasia

Is there a hospital for the broken hearts?I'm not talking about a cardiac arrest.For some people, things can be really hard.Sometimes, they don't pass life's tests.I don't want to cry all the time,so (more)

by facing_reality

Ireland in my dreams (0 comments)
Last night I dreamed of white flowers tucked up in craggy rocks. With elegant gray blue hands desperately grasping toward them. An ephemeral dream of an ephemeral time, of ephemeral love. Whose eyes I (more)

by windgirl

I'll forget it when I see it. (6 comments)  PIC
...To that point, the closest thing to group sex I had been in was getting raped in Goldeneye multiplayer (license to kill my mother fuckin ass!)... You ever do something just to do it? It sounds so d (more)

by coma white


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