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New Diary Entries

Is this real? (0 comments)
So I haven't had a day off for 13 days now. Today feels awesome. It's my day off. Tomorrow I get holiday pay, Monday I get holiday pay. I'm super stoked for these paychecks at Sinclair and Chartwells (more)

by jar of hearts

latest cake (0 comments)  PIC
It didn't quite look like the box, checkerboard. Used lemon and strawberry cake with vanilla frosting made that and 3 mini loaves I gave most away.

by intodeep

oh the lameness of relatives (0 comments)
Mom told me Uncle Steven said Jason called to borrow money for rent. And something about again their loser bitch liar roommate (no job) wont pay. She says something like I will tell ... that u molest (more)

by intodeep

Positivity and Practice (0 comments)
People always let me know that I am positive and that I am different than those thye've come in contact with. I don't know why I have this desire to lift other people up or why I just am this way. I a (more)

by sleepyfantasia

"HOME WITH YOU" (0 comments)
I woke up today to the same old room, in the same old, big house. I pulled the curtains aside, staring outside at the yard. The sun was shining brightly. Kids and teenagers were walking to school, ch (more)

by facing_reality

The Fed, how I love thee (0 comments)
When I last wrote, the S&P was up around 180% since the lows of the past financial crisis. It's now up more than 200%. It's not slowing down and it's not going to stop while rates remain low. The foun (more)

by the quant

So I'm out of the funk (0 comments)  PIC
It's been a shitty couple of weeks due to financial stress, which has been taken care of thank god. I hate getting anxious. All the time it's just been anxiety issues, issues with my sexual drive, pai (more)

by seira

It's all written in the Cards...Against Humanity (4 comments)
You really want people to cut loose and have fun without getting into any serious trouble out here. You walk up with a long box that has The Big, Black Box written in big white letters and just sit do (more)

by heretic1982

What's a day off? (0 comments)
So silly me, I accidentally haven't given myself a day off since last Monday. Between all three jobs last week I worked 62.5 hours. Not exaggerating either. And since I haven't had a day off I've actu (more)

by jar of hearts

Untitled Entry (0 comments)
right now, genuine feelings for someone does not exist. what i'm basically doing is filling in the gap from when andy left. it's a shame to know that when i'm speaking to david, jesus, william, and ch (more)

by diets fail

MTV Video Music Awards (0 comments)
I watched the show and pre show because I was in a chat with questions to win prizes. I haven't seen most rarely watch newer videos because I rarely watch videos. Maybe I will watch some. The Jay who (more)

by intodeep

Questionable things and stuff. (0 comments)
So. To stop smoking weed or not. I'm honestly at a catch 22 here, there are both pros and cons got his issue. I'll start with explaining why it's such a catch 22 in my case. It helps anxiety. To which (more)

by seira

The kitchen heats up (0 comments)
Tonight in going all out with pulled chicken kaisers and homemade soup. The next project after is preparation for ravioli. Booyeah. There's something relaxing about doing my own thing without it being (more)

by seira

x (0 comments)
Wow I havent wrote in a reaallly long time. I kinda looked at some of my older posts and I just make myself look like such an idiot when I was with josh and Idk.. living that lifestyle.. I might make (more)

by blaqkxribcage

I'm annoyed. (0 comments)
A diamond fell out of my ring I highly doubt I will find it.

by intodeep


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Sweat by jar of hearts


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