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New Diary Entries

Christmas Time (0 comments)
My boyfriend and I agreed since I bought him 3 video games and he bought me the car that we aren't getting each other anything for Christmas or birthdays this year. Mine already passed and his is shor (more)

by jar of hearts

Thanks dad (2 comments)
So every time I complain to him that I'm sick, he says "are you pregnant" no dad I have a cold. Well, right now I have stomach flu. Which sucks. I just felt like death all day. But, I'm starting to fe (more)

by jar of hearts

Slightly somatic with some degree of seriousness (0 comments)
I'm not diabetic. That makes me happy at least; now, to tackle my more concerning issue at hand. My god damned heathen of a stomach. I feel nothing but a dull pain every day with days of peaks in seve (more)

by seira

Been a long time gone (0 comments)
A lot has happened since I was last on here. *My mom was charged with attempted murder for stabbing her old boyfriend in the back of the neck. He was the one who molested my sister, walked into my roo (more)

by wonderland_refugee

ten things (1 comments)
+ school + grad requirements + numbers defining a person + numbers defining a future + a lack of support + suffocation + anxiety + stress + boundaries + release

by of course not

It's a war that is unseen. (0 comments)
I've been wanting to share so much since I last wrote!I'm currently on day 9 of 12 at work.Although I find myself over exhausted,the long hall is totally worth it.8 more days until I hit the road to (more)

by these boots

We might not have a white Christmas. Hurry up snow! (4 comments)
At this time, I have no idea if I will be buying Travis more Christmas gifts. I had planned to buy him 2 video games that he wants and a Fleet Farm gift card. However, he told me how much $$ he has ye (more)

by flawed amour

Untitled Entry (0 comments)
recently I've been looking for more ways to kill myself and I realize that I can lessen my lifespan by rigging it so that I live much less. will it be more accepting than a gun shot or a drop in the o (more)

by diets fail

bittersweet. (4 comments)
i'm having a lot of feelings, mostly sweet, but a little melancholy too. the holidays are basically here, yet another year without my auntie (and my grammy) and my family is only just getting back to (more)

by mkately

The early years (0 comments)
My earliest memories are the house we used to live in in town and the snake mom saw and called her brother to kill it. that was long before i was five and starting school. father was at work at the ti (more)

by nick

Serious or somatic (1 comments)
I'm being tested for Gastroparesis (paralyzed stomach) and diabetes. I really hope I'm not diabetic. They think that because I am frequently going to the bathroom and despite my stomach issues which a (more)

by seira

This coven doesn't need a new Supreme. It needs a new rug. (7 comments)
I may or may not love American Horror Story. We have 2 episodes left of season 3 and have watched some of season 4. My paycheck is pending in my bank account for tomorrow and I peaked at it this morni (more)

by flawed amour

There's something wrong with her head (1 comments)
So I know this girl, she had a baby (second kid) with my boyfriends "brother" a few months back. Her other child is 3 today. They're both cute kids. She seems nice for the most part. Well, she did see (more)

by jar of hearts

Don’t mistake my silence with ignorance. You know it isn’t always so. There are things I’d rather not know. Trivialities shouldn’t always get all our attention. Ahh, here we (more)

by facing_reality

AS THE WORLD TURNS... (0 comments)
I’m waiting for the announcement from a local publisher I’ve sent my very first novel manuscript / draft to. Soon they’ll be choosing three winners and ten editors’ choices to (more)

by facing_reality

finals (0 comments)
tests don't worry me. they don't. because they are about things that are still fresh in my head, not the cumulative stuff that i've already managed to discard as soon as i've passed the test. the thin (more)

by of course not

Cleaning... month? (2 comments)
So I've been cleaning the apartment. Like a special kind of cleaning. Wiping down everything in site kind of thing again. I vacuumed yesterday, went through clothes yesterday and today. Just put thing (more)

by jar of hearts

My favorite project of all time! (2 comments)  PIC
I haven't shared much from my theatre projects lately other than the fact that I've been working consistently for a little over a year and a half now. Still can't pay the bills with it, but it is soo (more)

by windgirl

Stupid is as stupid does. (4 comments)
I'm pretty excited to give Travis's his Christmas gifts now! I still have to buy him another thing or two, depending if I get him a radio or not. However, yesterday he told me he'd really like a new h (more)

by flawed amour

Do you want a Horse Charlie? It's definitely a charley horse. (8 comments)
I gave in and told Travis that I was planning to buy him an auto start but have decided not to because the price got jacked up to $200+. He said that he bought his for his previous jeep for $90 and I (more)

by flawed amour

I was looking at this city through your hazel eyes that night. To you, our surrounding was such a sight. You absorbed everything with all your might. You said being here felt right. “You have (more)

by facing_reality

First of all, why do I sometimes call myself “The Wordplay Warrior”? My life has always involved writing, more especially these days. Writing has been my passion, my true love. My work al (more)

by facing_reality


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