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New Diary Entries

Day 1 (0 comments)
So i had my first day of chemo yesterday. We left the house around 415am because I had to be at Tampa General Hospital by 6am so I could have a mediport put in. They put the IV cathater in at first an (more)

by staticalerrorx

My house is a dictatorship. (0 comments)
This entry might contain stuff that will gross you out. You've been warned.She took the bigger room when we moved in. No big deal, I thought. I didn't have a lot. My earthly possessions didn't amount (more)

by jaffacake

Something needs to be said. (0 comments)
I'm not entirely sure what it is, but I feel the urge to write and I have very little to write about. Only working three days this week, but since today is a bank holiday, I should be paid triple for (more)

by jaffacake

Serious Talk (0 comments)
It's been over 8 years since I've been here. It's great to feel nostalgia every now and then. I'm a senior now in high school and the last time I've been here was about elementary school. Oh how the t (more)

by aronism

Untitled Entry (3 comments)
it's pretty unfair that i come here and lurk as much as i do without posting almost ever... i used to pretty much rely on this space to get out the turmoil and craziness, but i think with age, i have (more)

by mkately

Old Newspapers (0 comments)
And I can find your name on a digital page printed up in black and white misspelled but I know it is you and for a moment I can think about how you must have been how once your skin breathed and loved (more)

by windgirl

Another ode to my job and rant at the system- stream of thoughts (1 comments)
I love, love, love my new job. I love what I do. I love standing in a classroom and getting to share Shakespeare. I feel like I'm standing in a stream on a hot day and the water is just running over m (more)

by windgirl

My life in G major. (6 comments)
The birth of May is brought to us by a blue sky dipped in tie-dye white clouds, amber lights that flash across my eyes every time I look up and the promise of blooming buds of leaves that make spring (more)

by jaffacake

akward (3 comments)
So while shaun was deployed like what 5 years ago now? For the ones of you who read my diary you'll know who ruben is. Well he ended up telling me I ruined his life and made him into a player because (more)

by crystal hearts

Untitled Entry (1 comments)
Well the dr consulted with 2 other oncology specialists and theyve decided to change my chemo treatment to carboplatin and taxol which doesnt have as many severe side effectz - like chf and a bleeding (more)

by staticalerrorx

gladly taken (1 comments)  PIC
Candy Steph and Abby didn't want it I'm not declining even tho I have plenty. dogs I watch theirs is Buster, Olive is the ex husband's

by intodeep

update (0 comments)
Well i went to another appointment yesterday with my oncologist and he had me meet with another one that specializes more in the kind of cancer the found. He basically said that because the cancer the (more)

by staticalerrorx

blerg. (0 comments)
I was feeling very tired so I didn't go to the gym yesterday. I'm sick! Good to know. I hate waiting out being sick to go back to the gym. This is bull cocky. I was JUST sick last week too. I'm irritated.

by beastmode

sickie. (2 comments)
Brayden brought the flu home with him. The kids and I all got it, and Brayden is trying to milk it so he doesn't have to go to school. He still had a tad of fever when I got up to get him ready for sc (more)

by girl i know<3

What do they say about best laid plans again? (0 comments)
I guess I'll be stuck here for a little longer. The car has been delayed. Won't be here until next Wednesday. Huh. I might ask for the night off. Will give me a chance to drive it around, get used to (more)

by jaffacake


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