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New Diary Entries

"A CHANGE OF HEART" (0 comments)
As skeptical as this may sound to you, I always find the promise of 'forever' impossible, almost rather absurd. Why? This life has never been a fairy tale.I suppose that's why some people who are awar (more)

by facing_reality

She went out. (0 comments)
This isn't a rant, therefore does not count! She went out, and I stopped. I sat. On the floor in the hall. I stared at the door and I did nothing. I listened, and there was nothing. "This is what it'l (more)

by jaffacake

It's ridiculously easy to quit you. (0 comments)
Two weeks are almost up and I'm genuinely wondering why it was so easy. I mean yeah I've thought about him, and my e-mail inbox at work has been pretty desolate outside of the usual work stuff and ban (more)

by jaffacake

Sometimes we're too busytrying to fix everything around uswhile forgetting to seewhat's more important to make a fuss aboutWhat lies in front of us are more visibleopen to constant scrutiny and critic (more)

by facing_reality

The past (0 comments)
So I had my baby on june 1st! Cutest little boy ever. Hes perfect! I had to have him c section though and that sucks. It'll prolly take months to heal. I feel numb in areas and pain in some. Ive lost (more)

by crystal hearts

Carbon Black Chapter 1 (3 comments)
Before we begin, a little housekeeping. Since the last entry, things are moving well with the company. After some unintentional, but pretty much expected incompetence from the nation's capital, DC, I (more)

by coma white

Simmering. (2 comments)
Next Thursday will be my last rant about here. I'm going to save EVERYTHING that goes on between now and then, and make it a long super cathartic rant so I can get it out of my system and feel so uber (more)

by jaffacake

Pick a place. (7 comments)
I am planning on a country wide road trip, I am looking for suggestions. Any cool places that I should not miss? Only limitation is that it has to be in the US.

by prestonator

scary pain. (5 comments)
I had the WORST pain last night. I don't cry from pain often, but this had me BAWLING. Honestly I have no idea what was going on. At about 9:30 I fell asleep and then I don't know how long the pain la (more)

by girl i know<3

Women's Dibs (12 comments)
I haven't written about a women's issue type thing since I was in college and behaving like I'd just invented feminism. Thankfully, the days of extremism are over and I can tolerate and ignore more mi (more)

by lekhikaa

"LAST WEEK..." (2 comments)
I'd stayed home until Monday. I left to return to my old rented room after that.I caught up with Mark and Tiara (and their first son Baby Timmy and Tiara's older sister Fika) for lunch on Tuesday afte (more)

by facing_reality

"THE BLACK(ENED) HEART" (0 comments)
I spotted you...oh, lonely heartstanding out from the rest, growing apartWhat's with the distance?Don't let this be your one and only, final stanceReality has badly tainted youNow you're all black and (more)

by facing_reality

shitty day (0 comments)
Today turned out to be a shitty day. Well it started off good I went for a 3 mile run before work today and that felt pretty good. Then once I actually got in the office it turned into hey did you do (more)

by Skywalker

Crisis averted. (1 comments)
They just wanted to confirm that I was still available to sign the lease. Don't know why they couldn't just say that in their message, but whatever. Next week! I'm leaving this place next week! Aaaahhhhhhhhhh!

by jaffacake

5th wheel (0 comments)
My brother and his wife invited me over to their apartment after church. My brother's wife Dominique was going to help me put the Velcro on my costume. I get there and my brother has two of his co-wor (more)

by Skywalker

Hospital days (7 comments)
I'm currently at the hospital working my student tech job. I am so thankful to have the job, but I am so tired of working/school/whatever 7 days a week. I know that all I'm doing is complaining and I' (more)

by 4myeyesonly

Lol I'm so done. (1 comments)
I make a point to close her bedroom door every time she leaves it open because the smell of stale cigarettes overpowers the whole fucking house. Decided to peek in. Saw MY water filter jug, with dead (more)

by jaffacake

I only love it when you touch me, not feel me (2 comments)
Well, I kind of hate to admit it.. But this is probably good bye. I kept setting these goals to write in here and clearly not following through. But it didn't feel fair to not end this properly. I am (more)

by loversxarexfoolish

Paranoia. (0 comments)
It figures. It fucking figures. Just as I'm about to get used to the idea of leaving instead of moping about having to stay, I get the call. "Please contact us as soon as you get this message." Well, (more)

by jaffacake

TV (0 comments)

by intodeep

luck as to curse (1 comments)
Spurred to speed, Prissy hurried toward the back of the house while Scarlett scratched a hasty note on the margin of Geralds last letter to herthe only bit of paper in the house. As she folded it, so (more)

by capacitorgut

"CHILDREN OF TODAY" (0 comments)
What are the children of today mostly like? Surely, everyone has something to say. Of course opinions may vary.Do you find most kids nowadays are such whiny, ungrateful brats? Well, before you start p (more)

by facing_reality

You don't need to knowhow I wake up in the morningand where I might goLet me do my thingsYou don't need to wonderwhat he's doing todayYou should know betterwhen he just doesn't want to sayYou don't ha (more)

by facing_reality

A bit of reminisce. (0 comments)
I've come here today seeking a place to get some things off my chest that no one in the real world is going to want to bother listening to. So, if you're looking for an interesting, juicy, or entertai (more)

by faeriedark

My best friend is engaged! I saw the ring a few weeks ago so I knew it was coming, and have been getting choked up about it for weeks. Seeing as she's prob the closest person to me besides my family ( (more)

by mkately

Just two more Wednesdays. (6 comments)
I hate Wednesdays. I hate Thursdays too for that matter. She always gets drunk on a Wednesday. She always says stupid shit on a Wednesday. I always get mad at her about it on a Wednesday. I deal with (more)

by jaffacake


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