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New Diary Entries

"UNSPOKEN" (0 comments)
Close your eyes. Take a breath. Count to ten. It has taken you long to realise so many chances you have wasted. Now you can no longer pretend. This is the new you. You’ve come a long way. I&r (more)

by facing_reality

They say life is funny and unpredictable. You think you always know what to do until you are faced with the unexpected. It doesn’t always come from other people or other outer influences. Ofte (more)

by facing_reality

This picture (0 comments)  PIC
Made me feel weird. It kind of hit a thinking nerve.

by seira

Untitled Entry (2 comments)  PIC
Got my phone fixed today! *w* no more broken screen! yayayayayayay! Not sure if I ever wrote about this, but my parents got me an iPhone 5C for Christmas... literally the next day walking into the sto (more)

by blue jelly beans

Cleaning day/nap (0 comments)
I intended on cleaning today but I took a nap instead. I did clean my van out though, I'm going to do dishes and get some chicken thawed out and figure out a couple sides. I'm making homemade oven-bak (more)

by jar of hearts

I deserve a raise. (0 comments)
My methodologies, MY waste management plans, and MY cleanup/side duty signatures paper. Are all being used. Without announce of credit. I.deserve.a.raise. I am slightly annoyed by this.

by seira

Untitled Entry (0 comments)
Everything is so fragile. My mind is, my heart, my body, my self esteem, and relationships with other people. I never understood how my peers could handle things so well. It only takes a little to mak (more)

by diets fail

Doggie (6 comments)
So I was thinking about how my dog managed to chew up a piece of the carpet. I know the landlord will try to charge me like 5 grand or something for it, but the only reason she even was able to chew i (more)

by jar of hearts

that's odd news (1 comments)
Some guy and his daughter were walking on a beach and got hit by a plane. He died she's in critical condition. Wonder how come they didn't hear or see it.

by intodeep

"SILENTLY" (0 comments)
I’ve never asked for any of this. I don’t want any disastrous bliss. Why...oh, why? Why does this have to make me want to cry? Should I cover this up with a lie? Now I’m haunted by (more)

by facing_reality

Well, I’m finally home now with my family. I’ll be home for just a week on this holiday. As usual, there’ll be a lot of things to do – along with the family gatherings and stu (more)

by facing_reality

Busy busy (0 comments)
I have been running myself exhausted the past few days. I've noticed keeping myself exhaustingly busy doesn't give my brain much window time to react and act up. Plus actually going out is good for yo (more)

by seira

What I want (0 comments)
Things I wish for: To have a day to spoiled and pampered. For example, to get my nails, toes, and hair done. Then be taken out to a nice surprise whether it be a nice romantic dinner or a surprise tri (more)

by caliblues90

Baby? (2 comments)
So Lance's brother? Well, that guys girlfriend, thing... might be having a baby tonight. Probably not, by the way she was looking, it looks like the baby hasn't even moved down to the birth canal yet, (more)

by jar of hearts

Disappointed (12 comments)
I am so disappointed in my grandparents. I was discussing Thanksgiving this year with them. At the moment, the whole family is planning on getting together in Dahlonega, GA for the weekend of Thanksgi (more)

by 4myeyesonly

Steps towards our dreams (0 comments)
I recently bought a domain for my writings, yoga, and art. I will be working on a website and it will be up for at least two years. I also have a company who will hook me up with business cards. This (more)

by sleepyfantasia

"COME BACK TO ME!" (0 comments)
Come back to me. I know you’re in there. I don’t want him. I want you. They say I should’ve left you long ago. You’re not always yourself. Sometimes you’re someone else. (more)

by facing_reality

Mad (2 comments)
I was upset with my boyfriend when I got home from work because he got done early and went to my other job without me (Walmart) and then went to hang out with a friend instead of doing dishes (asked 2 (more)

by jar of hearts

"DON'T SAY GOODBYE" (0 comments)
Don't say goodbye,for it will make me cry.Don't say goodbye,because these silent tears I cannot hide.I'm one of those who cannot lie,but only for you...I'll try to hide my sorrow behind this smile.Don (more)

by facing_reality

Last Sunday, I was "off my fasting duty" for the rest of this week. I'd met some people I'd been missing. I'd also ended up spending that whole day with the people I'd wanted to see, so it was such a (more)

by facing_reality

Just one more day (1 comments)
I saw you yesterday. It's the first time we have been able to spend any real time together in months. Nothing has changed. You still elicit the same response from me. I still want you. You held me in (more)

by grantavegirl

Come on... (4 comments)
So I got home from my first shift of work today, hoping he'd notice the disgusting pile of pop cans/bottles laying around. NOPE. Or maybe the giant piles of dog shit in the yard. NOPE. Or, that our do (more)

by jar of hearts

Stress bar lowered (0 comments)
The dog has been taken care of. One of my friends is going to watch her. He originally said no, but changed his mind. Thank god *breathe* I feel much better now, I was able to focus more on my job ton (more)

by seira


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