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New Diary Entries

Good night, bittersweet illusion.For just tonight, I'll let you haunt me in my dreams.Don't get too vivid with me, or I might cry these streams or tears.By tomorrow, I'll simply ditch youas if you're (more)

by facing_reality

Baby drama (3 comments)
So I've mentioned a while back about a little girl that got pregnant bymy friends baby girls father. Well, he stayed with the girls shortly after she had the baby. They broke up recently,I'm assuming (more)

by jar of hearts

Untitled Entry (0 comments)
Part of the reason why my next session with the shrink is in May is because my life is absolutely boring. Who am I without mental disorders? What's worse is that I just entered a floor of my hospital (more)

by diets fail

My body aches (1 comments)
I had a really long shift at walmart today. Then I got yelled at because I didn't "listen" to a CSM about where to go, even though she didn't tell me herself. She had someone send me on break and that (more)

by jar of hearts

Flaws (0 comments)
Just came across my mind really... It's probably because of the rain, but this morning I kind of thought over my "flaws"... like things I never really noticed about myself... ...but fuck it.. because (more)

by justthatguy

PTSD (1 comments)
I was talking with my roommate last night about dreams I've had for a really long time. He then asked if I had PTSD because I do have dreams about getting in similar car accidents to the one from when (more)

by jar of hearts

my friend's husband is fine (6 comments)
the person i wrote about a couple weeks back has had all of his tests come back negative.... which is good news! although sometimes the absence of evidence is not necessarily the evidence of absence. (more)

by xander-man

MKTO is a (0 comments)
new duo, signed to Columbia Records, but like a boy band to me. Their song "Classic" is so catchy. I like it!

by intodeep

Seriously (1 comments)
Okay I'm talking about this girl again. At first she would try to talk to me all the time but right now I'm starting to notice a pattern. She'll bitch a bit about something, then it moves on to being (more)

by jar of hearts

Here in this diary... (0 comments)
In this Diary by the Ataris just gets me in the feels EVERY time... One of the many great reminder that life can be awesome... even the "normal" things

by justthatguy


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