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New Diary Entries

Amnesia 5SOS (0 comments)
"Amnesia" 5 Seconds of Summer I drove by all the places we used to hang out getting wasted I thought about our last kiss, how it felt the way you tasted And even though your friends tell me you're doi (more)

by intodeep

Cebu, Philippines (0 comments)
So I've been in the Philippines for over a week now. Everything has been amazing. I have never been happier. Finally after months and months of waiting I am with the one person I love more than anythi (more)

by aerosmithfan

In Effort (0 comments)
So in efforts to continue my writing and keep everyone up to date on my life I feel the need to mention a big change that's coming up in my relationship with Chewy. It starts with an M. It will be the (more)

by da bartender

Sweat (0 comments)
No not sweet, sweat. Eww. I wish I was at work right now. Did I really just think that? I gave Maddie another bath last night. Then I brushed her fleas off of her. I'm going to put her stuff back on h (more)

by jar of hearts

I walk into the room dripping in gold (1 comments)  PIC
Ooooh Man.. It has been a minute! I am still living in Vegas for the time being. Just moved into a cheaper apartment a few months ago. I will be moving to Austin at the end of October, so I am looking (more)

by loversxarexfoolish

tears for freedom (1 comments)
I don't know why, but this summer I've cried more times than needed and more times that I have within the five years in total. there are a multitude of reasons as to why that is. one) my parents' stri (more)

by of course not

"SILENCE(D?)" (0 comments)
Silence is always easy.Just shut your mouth and say nothing.Don't we know that already?Silence can be perfect for anything.Silence can be suffocating.How can you expect me to only see?What do you thin (more)

by facing_reality

DON'T SAY GOODBYE (0 comments)
"Don't say goodbye, for it will only make me cry. Don't say goodbye, for these silent tears I still cannot hide. I'm one of those who cannot lie, but only for you...I will try to hide my sorrow behind (more)

by facing_reality

Reminder (0 comments)
MY Future... STAY ALONE DO NOT MAKE FRIENDS on internet too no adding anyone else to my life DO NOT DATE DO NOT LET ANYONE VISIT eventually WORK WORK WORK TO PAY BILLS rest of the time to be spent; mu (more)

by intodeep

hot! (0 comments)
The air conditioner decided to stop cooling yesterday. OF course it had to stop working right when it's like 90F. Didn't take long to get warm it was 85 downstairs and 88F upstairs like now. But the a (more)

by intodeep

Wally world to Sinclair! (2 comments)
So I thought I worked at 9 at Walmart and got really excited for the amount of time I had between both jobs and getting to spend some time with my boyfriend before he goes to work. I mean, we get to s (more)

by jar of hearts

AHHHH (2 comments)
Why is when something seems to be going good, something always always always goes very wrong! Yesterday was my birthday and it seemed like the day was just full of bad events. My parents didn't even s (more)

by caliblues90

Conver-sate-ions (6 comments)
We talk a lot of shit. Stupid stuff. Philosophical insight. Doesn't really matter. The words change. The sounds don't. Not when sound is simply noise. Think about it for a second. How many of us know (more)

by coma white

Bath time! (0 comments)
I gave my dog a bath, flea bath to be exact. Later, after the tub drains, I'm going to give her a vinegar, lavender essential oil and lemon essential oil bath. It should help repel the fleas. I got th (more)

by jar of hearts

Unattainable Affection Doused In Blood (0 comments)
The warm air is acquitted of its stifling tendency.The wind howls through the dimly lit alley.The echo of steps accompanied by the rustling leaves.Brisk relief sweeps over sweat laced skin.Its finally (more)

by erky

Music Taste. (3 comments)
I'm going to continue to write until I get bored of this. Or until someone decides to socially interact with me. But, considering that never happens, I'll never stop writing. Seeing as almost everyone (more)

by Madison00

I Have Many Problems (0 comments)
I have so many flaws, syndromes, disorders. It really confuses me. Why was I born with all of this? I'm also very unlucky.

by Madison00

My First Entry (2 comments)
This is my first entry, yet I feel very familiar with this website. I love the idea of sharing my thoughts, even with no one knowing who I am. I'm currently writing a fan fiction on Wattpad. I will be (more)

by Madison00

Vacuum, day 1 (2 comments)
I have to get into the habit of vacuuming the floor, bed, chair, and couch. She sheds like a beast and of course the fleas... I'm also getting into the habit of doing dishes, picking up garbage and re (more)

by jar of hearts

New to California (0 comments)
So the house on Cherry Street turned out to be a whole crazy ordeal. Our landlords turned out to be crazy. I had to get a protective order against one of them. We threatened to sue them but they ended (more)

by perfunkawitz

Trading, Investing, and America. (1 comments)
After some bumps in the road - a negative GDP print being one of them - America's stock market is running on all cylinders, racing on full-speed ahead into the summer. This happened despite a great de (more)

by the quant


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