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New Diary Entries

"RUDE?" (0 comments)
They think I'm rude. So what?I don't see what the big deal is. Well, just like they refuse to see what my deal is. They think I'm only making it up, that I'm too sensitive.That I'm just being such a g (more)

by facing_reality

Struggle (0 comments)
Right now, Obviously by that last entry, I'm struggling. Not with anything major. Which is often how it goes really. Hey life isn't a ball of shit spewing chaos! Great! Now what I want you to do is fe (more)

by da bartender

Normality (0 comments)
Have you ever wanted to be normal? Have you ever wanted to forget the things you said, things you can't say, or even not wanted to think about the things you'll say one day? Have you ever wanted to ju (more)

by da bartender

My future is up for grabs (0 comments)
well, i may be failing out of nursing school. it all depends on this next test, which is in like a week and a half. i have to make a 75 or higher on the next two tests, and the final in order to pass (more)

by ladybug whispers

That was tomorrow. (3 comments)
Something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. That holds true for collectibles, contracts...people, and most importantly, time. A lot of the time, I fantasize about having the po (more)

by coma white

Let's get rich and build a house on a mountain making everybody look like ants. (4 comments)
I did work 7 - 5:30 yesterday and that's my plan again today. Travis did get done at 5:30 yesterday as well but he ended up staying at work to work on his truck. So I went and helped him for a little (more)

by flawed amour

Ex sightings - free verse - quarter century angst (2 comments)
To see you after not seeing you so often so long. After seeing so often for so long was perplexingly awkward nuanced in falseness layered in comedy and inconsequential. All of the nothingness culminat (more)

by windgirl

There are only 57 days until Christmas. Let that sink in. (1 comments)
I did follow through and work 8 am until 7:30 yesterday. It was a very long 11 hour shift. I saved my 30 minute break to take a dinner break to eat with Travis and when I came back, one of the part ti (more)

by flawed amour

Survey about my partner. (0 comments)
1. Do you have a boyfriend? --I do, yes. 2. What is his name? --Travis 3. How did you meet? --His friend gave me his number as a joke on Travis. Said friend is an ass and our 5.5 year relationship has (more)

by flawed amour

Maybe tonight is the night we find out that Reddington is Elizabeth's father. I'm convinced he is. (3 comments)  PIC
We went to the wedding on Saturday and it was a very beautiful wedding. I was shocked to see the bride in a different gown at the reception. However, one of her sisters incorporated that into her toas (more)

by flawed amour

Untitled Entry (1 comments)
So for the billionth time, vehicle talk. This is good news. I actually have someone interested in the van. They didn't give me a definite price yet but, I'm excited about that. I have the honor (I hat (more)

by jar of hearts

Untitled Entry (0 comments)
My new apartment is AWESOME. Its so nice.. and bigg and cooozzy! I'm excited buy decorative things and just make it look homey. :) I been coookinn' and bakinnn' I never really cooked much before, but (more)

by blaqkxribcage

"DON'T LOOK BACK!" (0 comments)
Don't look back!You may think it's wise,but you'll get slipped out of your track.You're supposed to be looking ahead,even when the past wasn't that bad.There are ugly things too,ghosts of the past tha (more)

by facing_reality


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