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New Diary Entries

Untitled Entry (0 comments)
I'm just so freaking scared.. I cant seem to distract myself, my mind just keeps repeating the same thing - reminding me every second. I'm finding this to be one of the most difficult things I've ever (more)

by staticalerrorx

it's just a test. (0 comments)

by j'adore

For Women Who are Difficult to Love (1 comments)
For Women Who are Difficult to Love --Warsan Shire You are a horse running alone and he tries to tame you compares you to an impossible highway to a burning house says you are blinding him that he cou (more)

by poem_protector

Windchime (0 comments)
Windchime --Tony Hoagland She goes out to hang the windchime in her nightie and her work boots. Its six-thirty in the morning and shes standing on the plastic ice chest tiptoe to reach the crossbeam o (more)

by poem_protector

By Small and Small: Midnight to Four A.M. (1 comments)
By Small and Small: Midnight to Four A.M. --Jack Gilbert For eleven years I have regretted it, regretted that I did not do what I wanted to do as I sat there those four hours watching her die. I wante (more)

by poem_protector

Breath out. (0 comments)
Throw your caution to the wind Find the ladybugs all over you Remove the doubts Dragonflies are at your back make sure you don't call the kettle black. Laugh at the months as they fade from one thing (more)

by windgirl

A rant in A minor (0 comments)
Indiana is just enforcing a law that we already have Federally that is being abused, The First Amendment. Sexual orientation is not a religion, stop trying to make it so. If I walked into a business a (more)

by heretic1982

The ball has begun its descent! (1 comments)
I think I might have found a place. I just need to find 1500 from somewhere to pay for it! Deposits will be the death of me, I swear. AND I HAVE TO PAY TWO! WHAT? Calling mama and grandma to help me o (more)

by jaffacake

Saying goodbye is hard (1 comments)
Sometimes you say goodbye to people in your life because you want to, other times it's because you have to. It's hard. It's liberating. It's complicated. I feel like I have grown by going through this (more)

by grantavegirl

Rough bight (0 comments)
First I'm im a vet suffering from PTsd. My son has bad dreams a lot. And well my fianc woke me up and I snapped and called her a bitch i wa totally in the wrong for calling her that and she is the gre (more)

by Skooby411

And then it hit me. I quit (1 comments)  PIC
Time: 0240 Holy shit. I quit my job today.... Well 2 weeks notice. but what... I'm... at a loss. I've been cooking since I was 20 and today... today I quit. I don't know what to do. I don't know how I (more)

by da bartender

I just can't wait for Monday (0 comments)
So here's an update to my last post. Although I really don't know anything more at this point then the tumor they removed was malignant I feel the need to just write shit down. So here goes.. Sometime (more)

by staticalerrorx

Got in! (4 comments)
I got the job! I start Wednesday :)

by jar of hearts

Untitled Entry (0 comments)
Last week, Emmelene told me that Miranda was waiting for Jesus downstairs in front of the science building. Later on, she told me that they were hugging, real close as if they were about to kiss. Righ (more)

by diets fail

My stomach is growling so loud! (3 comments)
I'm broke as a joke, literally. I have $11 in my name until Wednesday. I had $1 in change in my wallet that I put into the vending machine thinking I could get some sort of snack this morning but nope (more)

by flawed amour

Midnight/car/general (2 comments)
Midnight was getting plump for a while when we weren't living with him, just visiting him everyday. I think he just went through a growth spurt. He's one years old this month! On to more serious cat p (more)

by jar of hearts

Just a quick update (7 comments)  PIC
Still nothing on the job search. One position I was looking was filled by the time they got to my resume, boooo! Still haven't heard from a few others that I'd move in a heart beat to work for. Got ba (more)

by heretic1982

of course (1 comments)
.. and its fucking cancer.

by staticalerrorx

days like these (0 comments)
i was hungover when i left around 2pm so the cold air was refreshing and i felt pretty calm coz my nerves were too f*cked to give a shit. the doctor i saw was a complete f*cking tool at one point he s (more)

by ascottishguy1982

People Do Get Better (13 comments)
I just realized I'vegot less than 3months remaining here and for the first time in my life, I had an opportunity to engage in longitudinal patient care over the year...but I never wrote about it. I do (more)

by lekhikaa

Adult elephants can't jump. (8 comments)
My mom came home from the hospital yesterday and she looks so much better. She looks and seems so much more conscious. And she can get out of the chair by herself, she is walking around, and she is no (more)

by flawed amour

Smile (10 comments)
I've decided if a person doesn't smile in at least 97% of their profile pictures in which their face is visible, I do not want to date them. This revelation brought to you by the midterm procrastinati (more)

by windgirl

Sentences & Fragments (0 comments)
I am in Portland, I work for Apple, and I'm mixed between my goals and objectives and my passions and how I feel about the people around me. I find myself continually flaking out at Apple when I can r (more)

by sleepyfantasia

"I COULD BE (IF YOU LET ME)" (0 comments)
I could be the one you’ve always wanted me to be. If you think I’m pretty, I’ll make you feel happy. It’s all so easy. It depends on how you treat me. I could be your best fr (more)

by facing_reality

Flirting (0 comments)
So I've been reading up on how to flirt with men and/or how you can tell their flirting with you, and I've figured out how not many guys flirt with me... I appear unapproachable! I'm too quiet. So the (more)

by internalreflection

Thought at 6:29am. (2 comments)
From now on, I will sweat. I will hurt. I will put in the effort to make unbelievable changes. I will reward myself with new experiences and not the bottom of an ice cream tub or the empty wrapper of (more)

by jaffacake


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