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About Digital Expressions
Digital Expressions was founded in 2001 with the goal of providing a safe and secure environment for online journaling. For over ten years, Digital Expressions has maintained a continuous presence on the web, and has been used by tens of thousands of diarists. Digital Expressions is operated by a small team of individuals, not a company, and the site is not operated for profit. If you have a question regarding Digital Expressions, please review our frequently asked questions or e-mail us.

The following individuals or entities are responsible for making Digital Expressions what it is today.

Alexander Ranaldi
Alex is the founder and owner of Digital Expressions. Since DE came online in March 2001, Alex has been actively involved in all aspects of the site, including software development and administration. You can e-mail him at alexranaldi@gmail.com.

Patrick Domack
Pat has played a crucial role in software development, security, and server administration. He joined the DE team in 2006.

Avery Kristin Stanert
Avery created DE's mood graphics when she was an illustration major at Rochester Institute of Technology in the spring of 2001. She was also one of DE's first active members.

Circle Graphics & Design, Inc.
Circle Graphics created the Digital Expressions identity, including the logo and color scheme. Much of their work is still present on the site today.


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