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I haven't written anything for quite a while...Uhmm I guess I'll head everything by subject. Lol.

The ball was alright...we got there late. Whoops...wasn't exactly our fault though. Clay had to go to work in the morning he got off at like 2, got home at 4. That gave us 2.5 hours to get to the ball. Clay still had to get ready when he got home. I would've been ready but my Mom wanted us to look at houses even though I kept saying I need to go home. Lol. So yeah we got there around 8ish so like 1.5 hours late or so. I guess we didn't miss much just the cocktail hour. When we got there the guest speaker was talking. He talked for over an hour...he was only supposed to talk for about 15-20 minutes. That was pretty boring because we couldn't here a word he was saying. Then we had dinner which was really good. It was chicken in some sort of mushroom sauce, roasted potatoes and veggies. After that we socialized and took pictures. We left the ball around 11ish and went to Carlos and Natalies. We drank a little bit and played Rock Band. I hate that game it's retarded. I know remember why I never liked Guitar Hero. Lol. After thatw we watchede Sex Drive. Effin' hilarious! Love that movie. So...yeah then on...Friday we got my ID and TriCare finally. We still have to get Brayden's done.

We left for Michigan on Sunday the 18th and got there around 2:30 am on my birthday. Clay's Dad picked us up. He gave me a hug right away which made me feel good that he accepts me. We got to the house around...4 something and hung out in the back of the store with his Dad till about 6 am. His Dad was really cool the whole time. I met his Mom when she got home from work and we woke up around 12:30 on the 19th. She also gave me a hug and said it was good to finally meet me. I was really surprised. We got along pretty well the whole time. For my birthday we got a hotel room, hung out with Clay's friend Crystal and got drunk. It was pretty fun. Wednesday we slept most of the day and rented some movies. Don't buy/rent Asylum or The Devil's Tomb, they suck. Thursday I went to the mall with Crystal that was fun. The rest of Thursday and Friday I'm not even going to talk about because I'm trying to get over it and if I write about it I'll just get really mad again. Saturday we spent pretty much all day in the tattoo shop because Clay was getting his tattoo. I have pics on my phone I'll put up but Clay has my phone right now. Then we left on Sunday at 6:35 am. Clay's parents and I really hit it off. I'm really happy about that, because I was afraid his Mom was going to hate me forever. We did a lot of talking and she asked me stuff about m past, but she told me she's sorry for judging me on it before and that I seem like a very nice girl and Clay says he's really happy with me so she's happy for us. :]

Yesterday Clay and I got mine and Bray's costumes. :] Bray is going to be SpongeBob I finally found a costume for him! Yay!! :] Mine is called "Gretchen" pretty much just...hmm I don't even know how to explain it...I found a pic of it!

I want to get some shoes to go with it though. I have shoes kind of like that but they're open toed and I don't think they'd look right...that and my costume didn't come with that pink tutu thing and I don't know where to find one...anyone know where to find a cheap tutu? Seriously. Oh and this Bray's costume. He's going to wear pants though not tights. Lol.

On Sunday we're doing Thanksgiving/Bray's birthday. Clay and I got some really awesome stuff for him. I just need to get wrapping paper and warp all the presents.

Other than that stuff...Clay and I have been butting heads lately I don't know what it is, but we just miscommunicate and get cranky with each other alot. I think it's that I'm trying to hold on to him [metaphorically] as long as I can since he's deploying in a week or so and he doesn't really seem to realize how fast time is flying by for me. I feel like I have no time left with him. I just want to spend as much time with him as I possibly can and he doesn't seem to get it. It's frusterating. Plus I want our last week for the next 7 months to be as good as possible but things just keep getting ruined. I try really hard to make our days good, whatever I guess that's the best I can do.

So I'm hoping tomorrow goes well. Clay and I are making a really awesome Halloween dinner for everyone. :] Then I think we're going to the Brandin Iron. So I'm really hoping it's going to be fun.

OH YEAH!! and we found a house we really want. We have an appointment to look at it tomorrow. [The yard looks better than in this picture.] We're also looking for a young dog to adopt. We thought we found one but when we went to go see him yesterday he was way too rowdy and he really liked his crate mate. So I think he would need another dog to play with and I don't want to get 2 dogs right now. Lol. So we're still looking.

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by suspended_in_time on 10-30-09
You can find those tutu things at Hot Topic...they're pretty cheap and they make the skirt look all fluffy. :) That costume is so cute - i wore it last year! :D

by |x| straw dog |x| on 10-30-09
Ok thanks! :] Really? that's cool.

by __youtrendyfuck on 10-30-09
woohoo! sounds eventful! the costume is really cute, btw.

by sweetstrawberry on 10-31-09
Aw cute costume for Brayden :D