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yay genderlabel;;
My name is
I am
active, admirer, adorant, adult, aggressive, angel, animal lover, ask me, assertive, aunt, BDSM, babe, beautiful, big sister, bitch, blessed, blonde, bondage, bottom, bouncy, boy lover, caring, chick, child, cousin, cuddly, cute, daddy's girl, daughter, different, diva, dog lover, dominant, dork, dreamer, eccentric, everything, extrovert, family, female, feminine, femme, fightfucker, flirt, friendly, genderstraight, girly, happy, heterosexual, huggy, human, hyper-sexual, indecisive, indifferent, individual, ineffable, intelligent, interested, introvert, kid, kinky, lady, left-brained, little sister, lovely, loving, Mrs., mama, man-loving, masochist, master, me, mommy, monogamist, mother, multifacetted, myself, niece, nymphomaniac, obsessed, open, parent, passionate, passive, person, platonic, princess, queen, quiet, quirky, quiz whore, random, romantic, royal, sadist, sassy, self-defined, sensitive, sex positive, sexy, showgirl, shy, sister, slave, soft, straight, sweet, switch, top, trustworthy, understanding, versatile, wife, woman, XX
Who are you?


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by __youtrendyfuck on 10-30-09
yay! how did you post it like that? it wouldn't let me post the whole table, i had to copy and paste the words. :(