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Confusion is only the best part.
by asylum...
( 22, Female from Minnesota )

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Let the rain fall down and the roof stay on
05-02-12 11:04 PM

My cat is acting weird,
it ws raining,
so she is freaking out
because she doesn't like thunderstorms.

So I decided to ignore her.
I fell asleep for ten minutes

I wasn't even that tired,
my eye lids were just heavy.
So I fell asleep for a little bit,
probably would have slept longer if
my dad didn't call my name
and I went through the stage of
sleep that made me feel like I fell
and woke up right before I fell completely.

I mowed half the lawn today,
and my brother Timmy and his girlfriend stopped by.
And I had practice.
I have lines now (:

at parts where nobody is around,
and my fav line is now,
"I'm watching you pies."
I say it (:
its funny.

Friday is only 2 days away,
and I get to go to the Art Museum xD
I like viewing art.
And painting it in my poor fashion.

I think tomorrow I am going to work on taking some pictures after
I mow the rest of my yard.
I didn't put the mower away
and it rained....
I should go see if its outside.


Current Mood: Paranoid Paranoid

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by imperfection.x, 05-02-12 11:11 PM   
When you said "painting in my poor fashion" the first time I read it I thought it said "i get to paint the foreskin"
by asylum..., 05-02-12 11:59 PM   
I get to paint the foreskin too. It's very exciting.
by Anonymous, 05-29-12 12:25 AM   
Carolyn Bross - Wow! Wow! and Wow again! I knew she was bieutaful but the are the most bieutaful photos! I should have done something like this with my Ben! If I'd only known! Darn it!


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