Confusion is only the best part. by asylum...
Let the rain fall down and the roof stay on

My cat is acting weird,
it ws raining,
so she is freaking out
because she doesn't like thunderstorms.

So I decided to ignore her.
I fell asleep for ten minutes

I wasn't even that tired,
my eye lids were just heavy.
So I fell asleep for a little bit,
probably would have slept longer if
my dad didn't call my name
and I went through the stage of
sleep that made me feel like I fell
and woke up right before I fell completely.

I mowed half the lawn today,
and my brother Timmy and his girlfriend stopped by.
And I had practice.
I have lines now (:

at parts where nobody is around,
and my fav line is now,
"I'm watching you pies."
I say it (:
its funny.

Friday is only 2 days away,
and I get to go to the Art Museum xD
I like viewing art.
And painting it in my poor fashion.

I think tomorrow I am going to work on taking some pictures after
I mow the rest of my yard.
I didn't put the mower away
and it rained....
I should go see if its outside.


Current Mood: Paranoid

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by imperfection.x on 05-02-12
When you said "painting in my poor fashion" the first time I read it I thought it said "i get to paint the foreskin"

by asylum... on 05-02-12
I get to paint the foreskin too. It's very exciting.

by on 05-29-12
Carolyn Bross - Wow! Wow! and Wow again! I knew she was bieutaful but the are the most bieutaful photos! I should have done something like this with my Ben! If I'd only known! Darn it!