Confusion is only the best part. by asylum...
What makes you better than me?

So I was planning on waking up early enough to take a shower this morning
because I fell asleep on the phone last night. The conversation was boring me
so I just set it by my side hoping that the guy I was talking to me would
say something while I was pretending to sleep. Nope, same boring shit.
I have clothes in the wash right now, and have to wait until they're
done to get a shower in, I just need it before I go to school so I
can wash my tattoo. I want to show my parents this one after
I decide to officially move out. Then I won't have to hear it from
them for a while. Of course, dad said that it doesn't matter what I do
with my money but he just wants me to spend it wisely.

I have math homework I never worked on,
and I think I'm going to hold off on taking
that test for one more day. And then take it tomorrow
after class since I have plenty of time between class and work.

Today, taking out my backseat to take Ashley her vanity and stuff.
Tomorrow, class and work,
Wednesday I just have class.
Thursday the same as usual
and Friday I'm going to get my friend for sure.
Who knew Mayo clinic's records would be closed on
a Sunday? No shit.
Get paid this week and now forcing myself to have a new budget.
$200 every 2 weeks, if I max that then I have to have less money
the next two weeks. So no more just random food  runs or paying for
everyone now. Just me, and be a bitch about it too.
"no bitch, I'm out of money. I only can afford myself"
Which I really only can afford myself...
And no more binge drinking...
That's really bad for me, haha.

I just want to make sure I have money to go to this concert in May
and I kind of want to go to Rockfest really bad.

Alright, I'll be back Saturday night most likely,
unless I decide to go home randomly sometime
this week.

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by pepperpie+ on 03-04-13
I have math homework too, bluh. so easy to put that stuff off haha

by asylum... on 03-15-13
Definatly is, I should really get to that.