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The Philosopher's Table
by da bartender
(Das.urban.chef@hotmail.com, 30, Male , MSN Passport: Das.Urban.Chef@hotmail.com )

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I've seen Chaos, I've lived through it and time has continued on. I've come out on the other side of a 4 year shit storm and rose above those who sought to bring me down to their level.

Maintaining my self dignity, respect and worth I've become a happier person than I've ever been and now is my time to teach the lessons I've learned. Now is MY time to become the man I want to be and speak to those who are going through their chaos and need to hear what will help them get through.


No matter how bad the chaos gets, time will not slow down, nothing you can do will stop it, but what you can do is keep moving forward WITH time and come out on the other side.


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