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Thumb Drumming

Ever have one of those moments where you're just jamming to some tunes playing the thumb drums on your keyboard like you're gonna break it if you get any more into the beat of the music. (Big Bang - Aesop Rock) Anyway, this is one of those times where I feel like I've been gone so long I wanna come back running and screaming excitedly about everything that's happened but when I'm looking back over a couple of week, it doesn't seem like much has happened. Last I left I was blahse(imagine an accent above the E) and for the most part that's gone. Work has gotten better in the sense that I'm becoming a better supervisor. I have lot ot work on but it's getting easier to tell people they're not doing it right. The only sore part is that I haven't been that great from doing this from day 1 so there's things where I'm telling people not to do something that they've been doing all year and that makes me feel like an Ass but take it and learn from it for the next year. People are tightening up. Handed out about 4 write ups last week just for missed shift and typical end of year shit where suddenly everyone becomes really sketchy about midterms/exams coming up and just weird shit. One guy had a kidney infection, the other dude had a panic attack that took him to a doctor who told him to work less. Everyone's starting to get sick with a really bad throat bug going around. And here I'm just sitting at home getting fucked up. Another weekend passed. Chewy played on Saturday at The Wave with her band and it was pretty damn awesome. I only saw 3 bands (them included) and by far her band was the most polished. Now they just need to get something on youtube and then hopefully I can get them a weekly gig downstairs. But I gotta make sure I approach it right. Chew's parents have invited me to Myrtle Beach with them for their family vacation. That'll be interesting. We're driving down on the 19th of July? or August? I can't remember. Sometime in the summer. But we're driving down in their RV and staying in their RV for 2 weeks... Then Rebecca and I are hopping on a plane and flying into Chicago (Wish I took a day or 2 just for that) then out of Chicago and into London. I haven't been on a plane in a very very long time. Not since I was like... 6. Little nervous. Workin' on getting me a key to the business. After that salary shouldn't be far behind. It's bitter sweet. I want it so I can work more w/o feeling guilty about hours but I know I'm going to lose money in the deal. My last T4 was 31k. (Amusingly my 2k8 Casino T4 was 32k and that was part time) and most chefs make 32-35k for their first salary job. (Least in London Area) Staff party on the 9th. Big prizes that I can't talk about yet cuz I'm not supposed to know what they are but I want them SO bad. Like you don't even know. I think I'd suck a cock for these prizes. Just saying. But I wouldn't swallow. Anyway. On that topic, things with Chewy and I have been good (See what I did there? HA) we're kinda floating into the best friend situation again which means I need to up my intimacy but that's still not easy for me. It's engraved in my blood line that I don't like to touch or be touched. As far back as my grandma who swears at the concept of hugging. (She's pretty awesome) But I suppose I gotta take it a step at a time. Recognize the problem then deal with it. I wanna buy a sectional. I wanna get back into Minecraft. I started practicing piano. Right now I'm trying to get down playing with two hands again which is incredibly hard. Which makes no sense for how much typing I do. I've been diggin' this band Parov Stelar. Check 'em out. (Catgroove is a great song) I think that's all for now until I think of something else. D.

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by seira on 03-04-13
Seems like life is starting to pick up again, good for you!

by da bartender on 03-05-13
Nice weather is right around the corner, I'm pretty excited for summer and being able to get out again

by seira on 03-05-13
Oh my gooood! I cannot wait for this winter hell to be over so that I can do the same. Hopefully I will be living in Stratford and able to cart my camera everywhere I go. I plan on being very productive!

by da bartender on 03-19-13
Oh yea, It doesn't get much better than starting up in a new place and going exploring.