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DE Outage Aug 18th

Sorry about the site being down, from 2am till 10am The Webserver became unresponsive, and I (patrickdk) slept through all the pages and messages that there was an issue. The database is located on another server and has everything ok. Nothing seems to be wrong with file files stored on the webserver. So it looks like everything is back to normal again. Sorry for the downtime. Patrickdk

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by that1girldreaming on 08-18-09
Thanks for fixing it!! =)

by workde on 08-18-09
Thank you for working so hard keeping us working. Thank you again! I thought it had been blocked from my office. I was about to cry. Sniff sniff. :)

by ladydeath on 08-18-09
you guys are wonderful

by emily gribble on 08-18-09
agreed, thank you =) I'm a DE addict. It was hard trying to find things to do this morning without my DE lol.

by chocolat on 08-18-09
Thank you so much for maintaining this site that so many of us love!

by skylark on 08-18-09
It's all good, thanks for being so right on top of it man--didn't notice a thing :)

by primal_scream on 09-28-09
Why can't I view my own diary after I changed it to friends only?