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by diets fail
( 16, Female )

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03-05-13 10:54 PM


Guess what I should be doing? lol, studying for a Geometry midterm, Spanish, biology......... woops
Anyway, its been too long since I updated. I guess my lack of entries recently just tells you how busy I've been. I'm currently getting incredibly low grades in all of my classes. :-) not so good right?? that's alright.

Chris and I don't talk anymore. That's okay, I don't even like him anymore. It was just a phase.
I don't like AV anymore either. This is actually really great! Finally! It's been two years! :)

I've gotten closer to a few people. Andy and Jesus are good friends of mine now. Today, Andy stole my pencil case and made me ran all the way to third floor, into his Algebra 2 class, and beg for it. I was even late for Spanish, goddammit. He was even throwing it back and forth to Jesus..... I was like the monkey in the middle :\
But it was all good. We're really good friends and we laugh a lot together.

Gosh... I'm just having a tough time right now. I haven't updated in 2 weeks aghh
My sister and the rest of the deca people are going to state which means that I'm going to Sacramento too! I get to miss a Friday. unf

I've always wanted to make my diary a book one day but my writing is terrible, lol. And also, I don't update enough. AND, there's nothing interesting about my life. When something big happens, I just might publish it then! But for now, I'll be waiting here like a lost girl.

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