THE WORDPLAY WARRIOR: I've decided to brand myself this way. Why 'The Wordplay Warrior'? At first, I was inspired by a fellow writer. He dubs himself 'The Wordplay Wizard'. Yes, that's how I came up with this name. Why 'Warrior'? I'm still struggling. It's still a serious challenge to be a professional writer here, what with: 1. The high illiteracy level in my country. 2. The expensive reading access (although yes, there are free online stuff here. However, not many people still have free access to internet, so...there.) 3. Lack of encouragement and censorship issues. For example: "Don't be too smart. You're a woman. Men will feel intimidated by you." (Ugh. How sexist and disgusting.) How about the limitation of expressions here? No, I'm not saying that you can bitch all you like about some people online, just because you don't like them personally. I'm talking about denying the bitter, dark part of reality and fake happiness through censorship. Nothing's wrong. Everything's fine. Yeah, right. THE EX-GUARDIAN OF THE ISOLATED CASTLE: The death of The Great King of The Isolated Castle has long changed her. It's been three years and she's still out on her own. Living and surviving alone. Until when? Good question. She still refuses to return and it's not that she doesn't love The Other Remaining Residents. Well, at least most of them. So, what will become of The Ex-Guardian of The Isolated Castle? R.