"WRITER@WORK: Stories From A Lone, Urban Girl" by facing_reality

Listen to them. Be a pretty, little darling. They might consider you a gem, if you rarely say a thing. Read those glossy magazines. They tell how to be a beauty queen. You know what they expect: whatever it takes to be picture-perfect. Who says you can whine? Act like everything's fine. Don't you want the glory? Start being like everybody. "But I just want to be me!" you wail like an overgrown baby. Well, who says you can't be? Still, you have to deal with reality. This is the era of the face value. They have no time to understand the real you. They're more interested in the 'helicopter view'. Is there anything you can really do? You can choose to stay true; living the life of a social outcast, not looking through rose-coloured glass, wondering how long their painted smiles will last. Who are we kidding, right? It's always been you against the world. It's you in this constant, lonely fight. There might be others like you out there, but how many aren't too scared? What makes you believe they will always stand by your side? What makes you think they won't start calling you a dependent, clingy, and weakling coward - whenever you try to reach out? Too bad, so sad. Their disappointment over the real you has driven you mad. Well, so what? Who cares that they also keep breaking your heart? For now, let them all believe that you always give them what they want. Let's see how much they'll be missing (the real?) you, once you are long gone... R. (Jakarta, March 5, 2013 - 4:55 pm)

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