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Chapter 5
by girl i know<3

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le tired
02-20-13 05:43 PM

The drive home last night was NOT fun.
It was raining hardcore and if it wasn't raining it was snowing.
We just had 70+ degree weather.
I'm getting pissed.

Art ended up coming over.
The TV went out so we watched random Youtube shit.
Uh, we had sex, but I fell sleep during....
I woke up and we were still having sex apparently.
Yeah I really just need to end this whatever it is.
I like him he's a good guy, a nice guy, but if I'm falling asleep while we're having sex we have a HUGE problem.
I feel bad, because I do like him outside the bedroom.
But yeah I've gotta just say bye.

I'm tired.
I need to go throw some laundry in or I'm gonna end up going to class naked.

I went for a run again today.
It was good.
Already felt easier, I was surprised.
Then I locked my keys in my car.
While I waited for AAA I did sit-ups and planks.
No use in wasting the time sitting on my butt.

Okay I gotta go later.

Current Mood: Tired Tired

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by pepperpie+, 02-20-13 09:17 PM   
hahaha, oh dear. yeah, falling asleep during is no good!
by girl i know<3, 02-21-13 02:36 AM   
Definitely not
by rhyleigh, 02-20-13 10:55 PM   
I've had times I've planned a grocery list during sex, but never have I fallen asleep (I don't think). There might have been a drunken night or two. I think the important thing to look at is why did he keep going if you fell asleep? Hm. Yeah no.

Your work out dedication is something to envy. Send some my way?
by girl i know<3, 02-21-13 02:35 AM   
Yeah I've never fallen asleep before. That's terrible. He probably didn't even notice lol.

Sending some your way
by rhyleigh, 02-21-13 07:06 PM   
Woo! I still think I'll be too lazy to really work out. :/

I hope it never happens to me. I aparently at one point initiated sex while I was asleep and my ex tried to go with it. I ended up waking up screaming bloody murder and kicked him in the balls.
by perfectly flawed, 02-20-13 11:22 PM   
I laughed when I read the falling asleep part. Definitely not a good thing. I wish I had motivation to workout too. I think I'm going to start trying.
by girl i know<3, 02-21-13 02:36 AM   
Yeah it's very bad lol. Never happened to me before.
by *super lametastic*, 02-21-13 08:02 PM   
I've fallen asleep during sex. I told the guy because I thought it was hilarious. He did not agree. Needless to say, I am not with him.


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