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Chapter 5
by girl i know<3

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03-04-13 12:17 PM

It's been nice the past few days.
Up in the 80's or close.
I'm loving it and thinking it's time to start buying summer clothes for the kids and I.

Saturday night Art and I went to Farmer Boys for dinner with Jax.
It wasn't very good :(
Usually I just get their breakfast burritos and they're bomb but I tried a burger and it was not.

Then yesterday we were up at 5:30 to get ready to go to the Pomona swap meet and car show.
We stopped at Denny's for breakfast, because his brother (J), brother's girlfriend thing (W), his nephew (Jr.), and their shop partner were about an hour behind us.
Then we got everyone's tickets in and waited for them to show up, because it would be faster.
They got their we went in and moseyed about for a few hours.
It was a fun time.
We had a few beers... starting at about 10, but it's acceptable there.

They were picking up a lot of things they needed for the car shop.
Art bought me a new tire, because I was told at Dinosaur the left front wasn't bad, but change it soon before it gets bad.
He also bought me a Lux De Ville purse that was $40 and is normally $95.00.
I'm excited :)
I didn't have time to switch my stuff yesterday, but today I will<3
It this one:

At about 1 we had gone through the whole swap meet part and everyone wanted to leave so we went to TGIFriday's.
It was okay.
I had a turkey burger that was good.
Art's food came really cold and tasted weird so he ended up not eating, luckily they didn't charge us for it.
J, W and Jr went with us to Fridays' but ended up leaving as soon as our food got to the table because J didn't feel good.

So yeah I had a blast.
The only thing I'd complain about would be W.
She's snobby, snooty, she looked pissed off that we were at the swap meet, and she's not very nice to Jr.

Jr. hung out with Art and I most of the time we were at the meet.
He's a cute kid, he's 9, he's funny.
I don't normally like other peoples kids, but I didn't mind him hanging around with us.

Oh and my sunburn.
I put the sunscreen out the night before so I wouldn't forget it.
I ended up forgetting it anyway  of course.
My burn is sore and kinda' itchy.

So I picked up Brayden later that evening.
Came home.
Fed the kidlets dinner.
Art came back over (he visited his friend while I got Brayden).
Ate our dinner, went to bed.

Good stuff.

Current Mood: Happy Happy

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by pepperpie+, 03-04-13 11:55 PM   
ughh, 80 degrees sounds SO nice right now! share some of that with us minnesotans!
by girl i know<3, 03-05-13 01:31 AM   
I'll send some your way.


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