i need a photo-opportunity, i want a shot at redemption. by greetingsinbraille
alice got her permit :-D

i'm going to make her drive me everywhere now.

i stayed after school until almost 7 talking to jvo. it was weird, we just kind of never went home. but i had fun.

i haven't been sleeping a lot lately. i'm not sure why. i'm exhausted all day long but then at around 11 pm i get this burst of energy and i just want to do everything. so i walk my dog, and clean my room, and do laundry instead of sleeping and then i'm so tired by the morning. i don't know...

i have no idea  what to sing for the treble chorus audition. i really don't want to try out tomorrow =(

rent this friday. something to look forward to :-]

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Current Music: when doves cry -quindon tarver

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by windgirl on 02-13-06
oh man rent!

by bwaygoddess on 02-13-06
Have fun at Rent!!!!! It rocks my socks!!