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babysitting...super bored...
Would You, Wouldn't You, or Did You?

1.      Pet a snake- i have lots of times. my brother and sister both used to have pet snakes.

2.      Spend a week in a empty room- hmm, maybe, depending on how emotionally strong i was. probably not anytime     soon- i'd go insane.

3.      Ride in a hot air balloon- i would love to!

4.      Sky Dive- that's another thing i'd really like to do.

5.      Sing a Solo in front of a huge audience- yes if i knew the song well and knew i sounded decent singing it.

6.      Scuba Dive- sure

7.      Sit in the front seat of a rollercoaster- i usually sit in the front seat when i go on roller coasters.

8.      Deliver a baby- as in deliver someone else's baby? yes, if i knew what i was doing and it was necessary

 9.      Swim across the Amazon river- absolutely if i was in shape enough to do it without killing myself.

 10.  Change careers- i don't have a career yet.

 11.  Disappear for a long period of time-  in a heartbeat.

 12.  Walk through the forest alone at night- i have before.

13.  Join a space mission- no, i'll leave that to the astronauts.

14.  Tell everyone what you honestly think about them- i do that already. people think i'm kidding.

 15.  Call off your wedding- no

16.  Walk naked through New York City for 10 minutes during rush hour- haha i don't think i'd walk through the city naked even if it wasn't rush hour.
17.  Walk up to Mike Tyson and call him a girl- no way

18.  Disarm a bomb- um, if i knew how

19.  Clean the outside windows of a skyscraper  - nope

20.  Draw a mustache on the Mona Lisa with a permanent marker - no thanks

21.  Go on tour with Elvis
if he wasn't dead, yes.

22.  Go swimming during a thunder storm-
i have before...but it isn't too smart, i don't know if i'd do it again.

23.  Perform surgery on your best friend-
if i knew exactly what i was doing

ugh, i have so much homework tonight. two chem labs, tons of supa work, english reading, and a textbook page of math that i don't understand at all. it's only the third week of school and i'm already falling behind. plus i'm babysitting until 6:30 and then i have speech so idk when i'm going to finish all of this. i should probably be doing my math homework now instead of screwing around on de.

nvm, i think i heard crying which means the baby's up. i guess that math will have to wait...
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by windgirl on 09-19-06
you've [et a snake!! good luck with work!