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english midterm

the midterm today actually wasn't as easy as i was expecting. i mean no, it wasn't hard, but there were a few multiple choice questions that i was really unsure about.
i loved the essay though. it was honestly the most fun i've ever had writing an essay.
i don't know how well i did on it since my ideas were kind of unorganized, but i had a blast writing it.
global midterm tomorrow. yikes :-[ and even worse, the term paper  which i've barely started is due tomorrow. i feel an all-nighter coming on....
thank god for caffeine pills.
yay for having wednesday off. that willl give me lots of time to study for bio, math, and spanish.
btw, mr. a never even said that galileo burned bruno. he wasn't even sure if galileo disliked bruno and both of them believed in heliocentrism, so galileo would have no reason for burning bruno because he believed in heliocentrism. lol, khine's notes were just messed up.

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by notthisplace on 01-23-06
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! no bruno didnt believe in heliocentrism....i thought he believed the earth revolved around the sun and that was why he was burned at the stake?

by greetingsinbraille on 01-24-06
noooooo, bruno believed that the earth revolved around the sun but at the time the catholic church believed that the earth was the center of the entire universe so they burned him at the stake. in fact i think that bruno was a catholic priest, i'm not positive but i remember hearing that he was, so the fact that he supported the heliocentric theory was frowned upon even more. but the one thing i know for sure is that galileo and copernicus didn't burn him lol.

by greetingsinbraille on 01-24-06
because the heliocentric theory IS believing that the earth revolves around the sun...

by notthisplace on 01-30-06
thats what i was saying at our review and everyone told me i was wrong! lol