i need a photo-opportunity, i want a shot at redemption. by greetingsinbraille

English- 90
Global- 97
Biology- 95
Spanish- 94!  :-D i'm so relieved
Math- 84. :-[  at least it's over a 70 though...

i'm satisfied.

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by notthisplace on 01-30-06
a lot of people got low 80s on math....odd

by greetingsinbraille on 01-30-06
really? all i heard about was gabi's 98 and phil's 100...how'd you do?

by notthisplace on 02-08-06
i got an 83....same a slindsay....same as suzy....i was talking to a couple othe rpeople and thye all got in the 82-85 range

by bwaygoddess on 01-30-06
Good job!!

by windgirl on 01-30-06
whoot awesomness!