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regents & final grades

english regents: 98
global regents: 96
math final: 82
bio regents: 91
spanish regents: 95 *dances for joy*
health final: 85

annnnnnnnd, 100 for the quarter for chorus! hahaha, how did that happen?

my final gpa is 91.8570. it's about 3 or 4 points lower than last year but considering that i had russo this year, i'm okay with that.

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by windgirl on 06-30-06
ROcking it and hey 82 in math is fab! congrats especially in spanish and english! :-D

by notthisplace on 06-30-06
!!!!!! you rock!

by bwaygoddess on 07-03-06
Awesome!!! Yeah 100 in chorus!!! Spanish = awesome (especially with Russo as a teacher).