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school survey stolen from leigh & marni

1) Favorite person to talk to during 3rd period?
A days: marni, lindsay, gabi, occassionally alyssa
B days: marni!  lindsay too, when she's not being annoying, even though she never gets the supplies

2) Teacher during 4th period?
mr kearney

3) What class period do you enjoy most?
usually global

4) Who is your favorite teacher?
mrs. williams, hands down

5) Who annoys you most during 6th period?
pretty much everyone at my table except for jvo and gabi, and allie, lindsay, and alex aren't too annoying anymore

6) How many friends have you made in 6th period this year?
idk, i was friends with most of them before this year

7) Who do you sit with at lunch?
gabi, lindsay, allie, alex comes half way through the period, a bunch of gabi's annoying friends, & most of the time JVO comes and sits at the table too :-].  if i'm fed up enough with the people at my table i sit at marni and gigi's table...

8) Which period is most boring?
usually 8...ugh, math

9) What period has the best guys/girls to look at?
hmmm, idk. maybe gym.

10) Which person would [[you...?]] most likely fall asleep or not pay attention at?
johansen or kearney

11) Which class do you get the most homework from?
spanish, we get homework every single night

12) If you could get rid of one class, what would it be?
spanish or math

13) Do you take a music or art class?
music: chorus
art: the first semester i took stained glass

14) Who have you worked with on a project/lab/home work assignment in 1st period?
marni :D
and, at the beginning of the year i did that othello project thing where i wore a horse with marni, lindsay, and kristen.

15) Do you like school?
on a good day

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by windgirl on 03-05-06
hee hee hee survey :-D

by notthisplace on 04-14-06
she never gets the supplies! LOL!