i need a photo-opportunity, i want a shot at redemption. by greetingsinbraille

wicked was so incredible!  it was actually well worth the crazy expensive price of the tickets. the elphaba was amazing. i wish that i could sing like that.
kim and i ate at the stardust diner. i love that place.
we're seeing the iullusionist tomorrow. i'm excited.
fun day.
i wish she visited more often.

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by windgirl on 08-28-06
yay~!!!!!!!! what was your favorite part?

by greetingsinbraille on 08-29-06
oh man, i really, really liked the part where elphaba's lifted up with her giant cape flying behind her during the end of defying gravity. it gave me chills.

by notthisplace on 08-29-06
i saw the illusionist last night, i LOVED it! you might not. lol but i LOVED it.

by greetingsinbraille on 08-30-06
i liked it a lot. the ending was disappointing because they pretended that everything was explained but there was really a lot left unexplained. but the movie as a whole was good.