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Cardboard Classic

Friday I was at Jack Frost Mountain for the Preston and Steve 93.3 WMMR Cardboard Classic.  Left my apartment at 0400 and made it there in record time of 0600, well before traffic became a nightmare.  John and his fiance Gretchen got there about an hour later.  He spent 5 weeks on making the Interceptor from Mad Max and two days on the jacket and pants of duct tape.  He was "Mad" Max Rockatansky and I was partner Jim Goose.  We chilled and had a few beers before the event started at 1030.   There were a lot of sleds, some really amazing and some very simple.  I wish I had better pictures, but I'm sure you can find them on Facebook if you look.  We got the sled up and flew down with no major problems, almost made it to the line but we shifted and hit the side and stopped just inches.  Once it was over we lined up to take the sled to the compactor.  We already have ideas for next year...but we aren't tell you.  Here are some pictures of the sled, the team and Jasmine and I.

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[Interceptor 1] [Interceptor 2] [The crew] [Jasmine and I]


by girl i know<3 on 03-06-13
Looks like a fun time :)

by heretic1982 on 03-07-13
It was a lot of fun. There was some hilarious cardboard sleds.

by on 04-01-13
This does look promising. I'll keep cmiong back for more.

by lost on purpose on 03-07-13
Oh my goodness!!!! Looks like you had oooodles of fun. OooooOOOoOoooooooooooooooooooo *most annoying tone* John's got himself a purdy girlfriend. So happy for you dude...bout time :D Uuuummmmm you know I dont have Facebook so I demand more pics!

by heretic1982 on 03-07-13
Hahahaha, I'm trying to get some more to put up on here.

by lost on purpose on 03-07-13
I want them now! Inches away from a foot stomping. Millimeters, really.

by heretic1982 on 03-07-13
Hahaha, it would be a short foot stomping. *Falls out of chair laughing*

by lost on purpose on 03-07-13
Really!? I thought we were past the short jokes!!

by heretic1982 on 03-07-13

by lost on purpose on 03-07-13
You sir, disgust me! I curse you with toe stubbing.

by heretic1982 on 03-07-13
Your tiny fist of anger just makes me laugh harder. Hahahaha.

by lost on purpose on 03-07-13
You should be quivering with fear from the look I am directing toward you, you tiny person hater!

by heretic1982 on 03-07-13
Hahahaha, I'm not a tiny person hater.

by lost on purpose on 03-07-13
Pfft. I don't believe you. The jokes made thus far tell a different story...a tiny people hating story.

by on 03-30-13
Keep these articles comnig as they've opened many new doors for me.

by heretic1982 on 04-01-13
I'll keep posting, you keep commenting.