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Smoke and mirrors

All the News, Cabinet members, and even the President himself want you to believe that the sequestration talks have been brought on by the Republican party because they won't allow BHO to raises our taxes higher than they have ever before without stopping a single cent into spending.  Well news for you folks, I'm ahead of the curve on this and have some info you should all be aware of.  If you really want to make a difference you have to voice it to those that are elected into office.  Show them that you do care and are sick and tired of the B.S and P.C. police.  So here is the facts that they aren't telling you.

President Obama agreed and signed into law the sequester cuts back in August of 2011 in a deal to raise the debt celing.

Since the beginning of his first term there has not been a Federal Budget.

The Democratic Senate majority signed into law they their paychecks can't be touched when it comes to spending cuts in 2011.

The Department of Health and Human Services spends the more than any other Department or Agency of the Federal Government.  1 out of every 4 dollars spent.  Then it is Social Security, DoD followed by VA.  Yet the VA and DoD is getting hit the hardest with Sequestration.  So while 45% of the Federal Spending is on a partial list of Federal social welfare/unearned entitlement programs (SNAP program spends $80 billion under the Department of Agriculture) the elected officials want to cut more spending on defending the country.

TSA is not getting any cuts in their spending, they are actually getting a $50 Million dollar deal, which is predominately going for new uniforms.

$250 Million is going to Egypt, along with a bunch of fighter jets and tanks.  A country that has continously been shifting towards the extreme islamist government ideals.  Also Kerry has flat out said that he doesn't know if any of this would go towards terrorist groups once Egypt gets the money.

$37 Million additional to Pakistan, for "aid"

An unknown but large amount is going towards to allowing illegals amnesty, all while those who are fighting tooth and nail to become a citizen legally are forgotten.

The President has turned his Campaign efforts into more campaigning and using our tax dollars to it.  Either for more taxes, higher taxes and gun control. 

He likes to say which child is going to be out of a school, the disabled one or the poor one.  Niether will's the schools on military bases that will see the cut, and then the military member will have to spend almost $1,200 additional for each child.

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by xander-man on 03-05-13
Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Barack Hussein Obama! i don't think i'd mind the guy so much if the vast majority of people weren't so head-over-heels for him and his cult of personality.