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Writing down things I won't remember
by justthatguy
( 27, Male )

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02-03-12 07:11 PM

I think this is the first entry where I have an idea of how I wanted the format to be... anyways here I go....

So let me explain some differences in terms of relationships...

The difference between love and comfortable...

Comfortable is when you already know what the other person likes and dislikes... You know where you stand in the relationship for the most part... You've already crossed the line so you know it's okay to do so... You've passed the awkward stages... You guys have habitual things you do together... memories that have passed which you can talk about. You don't feel alone anymore and for a short while you can hopefully live those wonderful honeymoon moments again..

Love is when you find that something they once disliked they now adore and you find it amazing... You are constantly shocked when they say or do little things that show they want to spend time with you... You crossed that line already but you're still just as nervous to cross it again... The awkward stage felt natural and just "kind of happened"... It doesn't matter what you do because the fact that you're doing it with that person makes you smile... In fact you just realized that you've spent an hour watching a movie with barely any words and yet you feel as if you've spent quality time with that person... your honeymoon moments are the ones you're having right now...

The difference love and relationship...

Love is this strange attraction you feel towards a person... No matter what mood you're in you can't help but have that person in your heart... Where no matter how much you push away.. There is always this feeling in the pit of your stomach that doesn't go away until you are with that person... You spend every waking moment communicating in some way with that person, for a week, and somehow none of the conversation ever felt forced and at no time did you ever just want to stop talking... Every time you see something fun or awesome your first thoughts go back to that person...

Relationship is what you do with love... you can't help how you feel, but you can help what you do about it... If you just let a strong love overtake you, you start to neglect other aspects of your life... and even if the world is falling around you.. you don't worry about it as much because you have love... A strong love does not mean a healthy relationship... A strong love may even get in the way of a good relationship... What those with strong love must do is allow the strong feeling of love to be used as a catalyst to improve all other aspects of both persons lives... It must be used as a security in order to have freedom from the constraints of a typical relationship...

A Strong love is something you find... A good relationship is something you work for...

This is something I've wanted to explain to her so bad, but somehow there are things I just can't explain especially to her... and that's why it can't work... Unless she realizes it herself this whole thing is doomed to fail... That is why I will wait... If another steals my heart before you realize this, then I am sorry... but you only have yourself to blame... and you know it...

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