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aching looks and breaking hearts
by loversxarexfoolish
(mad_skill_01@hotmail.com, 26, Female from Montana, USA )

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L>O>V>E its a mystery
10-19-09 01:36 AM

so actually had a very good weekend.

friday got off at 11
and saw the midnight showing of "where the wild things are" with forrest.
very very amazing movie.
absolutely adored it.

saturday didn't have any plans till monroe called asking if i wanted to go fishing
with her and her gay friend bryce.
i agreed and as soon as we get there bryce catches a fish
and monroe literally pisses her pants from laughing so hard.
she is such a doucher.

later than night went to a party with sean,
very sexy man there and we lost miserably at beer pong,
oh well.

today cleaned, went grocery shopping
then had the parents over for dinner.
it was a lovely night.

all in all a nice weekend.

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by |[ disenchanted ]|, 10-19-09 01:42 AM   
sounds pretty good to me :)
by rhyleigh, 10-19-09 07:38 AM   
sounds like an awesome time.
.. and i think it's more fun to lose at beer pong! haha!!


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