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aching looks and breaking hearts
by loversxarexfoolish
(mad_skill_01@hotmail.com, 26, Female from Montana, USA )

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beautiful people
03-04-13 11:58 PM

I just had a long beautiful entry
and actually played with the fonts again,
then it all got deleted, so fuck it.
here is the only things that mattered anyways.

I have two jobs, both kind of suck, but money is money.

getting away from my awful roommate into my own place march 19th.

getting a boob job april 1st
I am so ridiculously excited.

boys suck.. no men at all.

that is all.

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by rhyleigh, 03-05-13 12:55 AM   
I'm itching for some details! You've baited me.
by |[ disenchanted ]|, 03-05-13 05:57 AM   
Same! Tell us mooooore!
by x__barbie;;, 03-11-13 03:42 PM   
BOOB JOB? XD i kinda want one but i like the naturalness of my boobies. Wanna see some pics when you get it done though :D
by *snoopsc*, 03-17-13 09:25 PM   
You Go Girl!
by drummerboy5189, 04-10-13 02:21 AM   
Just make sure they don't look bolted on... that can be unattractive... well in my opinion at least. There are websites dedicated to ladies with silicon boobies... so go wild! =D


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