aching looks and breaking hearts by loversxarexfoolish
i think that possibly maybe i'm falling for you

oh man it has been ages.
i got a laptop so hopefully i will be writing more.

highlights of the last couple weeks:
learned to crochet
got a kitten! (vladimir)
derek has come home for christmas
this guy at work has taken an interest in me
i got a laptop.


thats all happened in the past like two weeks, but its all i can remember.

i love my kitten.  he is so sweet.
its been really nice seeing derek again.  i forgot how much i enjoyed his company.
the guy from work (tyler) is funny, but kinda chubby, and i don't do chub.
laptop rocks of course.

so thats it for my world.
missed everyone!

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by xander-man on 12-28-09
haha... chub. kitteh named vladimir! cool :-D

by loveandxrain on 12-28-09
omg crocheing is the shit! xD i make blankets. haha that made me laugh, i dont do chub. xD

by |[ disenchanted ]| on 12-28-09

by bye bye beautiful on 01-07-10
derek derek? dude, teach me how to crochet? i'm going to be awfully bored in germany by myself.