aching looks and breaking hearts by loversxarexfoolish
youve been used, and you can't settle down

so this will be quick.
tyler is over and we are playing little big world.

had a generally good weekend.

friday KC invited me to a party.
charlie was there so it was nice to see her.
felt rather out of place though.
left around midnight, KC came over.
watched tv then crashed.

saturday and today literally just sat around all day with kitty.
its been really nice.

not looking forward to the work week.

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by |[ disenchanted ]| on 01-04-10
work suckkks.

by sweetstrawberry on 01-04-10
Boooo work!

by bye bye beautiful on 01-04-10
little big planet is bomb.

by *snoopsc* on 01-04-10
Ummm did KC hit a deer after he hit Skylars? haha silly, happy to see you totally!

by *snoopsc* on 01-05-10
Ok let me re-say that... Did KC Hit A Deer After He LEFT Skylars... i got this image in my head of him literally hitting the house or something and thats totally not what i was trying to say. stupid ha ha

by loversxarexfoolish on 01-09-10
yeah he did haha. that shithole. i told him he should just ride with me haha

by xander-man on 01-05-10
how's work treatin' you so far?

by loveandxrain on 01-09-10
little big world is amazing!