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Hello Digital World
by seira
( 27, Female )

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Zombie Dream
03-06-13 10:48 AM

So there I am on West Street, me and three others.

I am wearing a light/darkish Grey cloak, I have a black backpack on filled with food and water. Strapped onto my legs and back are weaponry and crossbows. My boots attach a machete. I wea a simple pair tights and a light sweater to maximize speed when necessary. There is a horde behind us as we are running down West street, scaling a house searching for our best option out. The hoarde is against the house now, and we see our way out. We scale the other side down and dart off toward the same direction we were originally going. Stupid Horde.

We come across a large camp inside of a costume store, we are welcomed and expected to fight when necessary and go out searching for food. There must be at least 50 people easy! Women, men, and children. We sit down to dinner late in the evening when a noice is heard. A member is screaming PREPARE YOURSELVES! Not only are we protecting ourselves from the hordes os the undead, but from the living as well. They are a clan of people attempting to overthrow our own and take our secure hideout.

Gun shots are fired, arrows launched. I'm in the very corner sniping the hell out of several. When I hear a gun cock behind my ears..

The leader, Ryan as he calles himself, stands behind me.

He mutters some derogatory commentary, to which I just chuckle.

As he asks why I am laughing before I am about to die..I simply say, I'm not the one who's going to be dead. Swiftly I pull out my boot gun, turn around and shoot him through the jaw, but not before getting a bullet myself in the left shoulder. The pain means nothing to me. I go back to shooting in epic porportions, swiftly pulling both hands loaded with pistols and firing left right and center whilst pulling off some kick ass kung-fu moves and we force the enemy into retaliation.

Fucking, epic.

Current Music: Kidney Thieves-Zerospace
Current Mood: Amused Amused

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by Anonymous, 03-30-13 11:42 AM   
Your post has moved the debate forward. Thanks for shainrg!


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