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Still Homeless . . .

I am at my wits end, I am currently staying with my Aunt and Uncle, and now after they have made it seem ok to stay here when the baby is born, and till i can save up some money. Now my Aunt seems she is on the "warpath" trying to find me a room to rent. And then she keeps saying "you're not going to find a room for rent for $200 a month- I know this- but what does she expect me to do, crap the money out? She keeps coming up with these places and these rooms that she knows I can't afford. I don't understand the way her mind works, and then she knows i'm just waiting for my vouchers from the VA, which I just need time to get. She knows I will be able to go anywhere once I get this voucher. And until then there is nothing I can do. I just don't get how she thinks it will help me to hear about these places that are anywhere between $375-$500 a month. I just don't get it. Man I just need time, please God help me I just need time. No one seems to want to give me this time. It's not much longer, it can't be. Tomorrow i'm gonna call social services and see about rent assistance, but I thought you need to be renting a place first, I think you need an eviction notice actually. I really need help, I need to be able to destress myself. I can't take much more of this, I really can't, before I know it i'm gonna be on the suicide hotline again crying my eyes out. I've passed up things that I could have done cuz they told me to chill, now all of a sudden she wants to get rid of me yet again. This is just too much, I don't want to ruin this chance to save money and try to get on my feet, but at the same time it's like what do you want me to do. My Uncle doesn't want me to go to a shelter, but what other choice do I have? But I also have so many things that I have for the baby that I can't take with me to a shelter, and no where to put it. ::Sigh:: I don't know what to do, I have so many questions and no answers, I just need something, and I swear, i'm not helping anyone once I get a place, cuz i'm not putting my home in jeopardy again. I can't stand this, I just need a little bit of help, out of all the people I have helped in my life, why can't I get a little help? Open to answers.

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by jermusael on 03-05-13
Check local non profit groups that will help you with the situation, specially when goverment red tape is slowing down the process to get the aid that you need. Talking to a reputable clergy or counselor will also help to clear out or sort out your thoughts in order to get a good grasp of the situation. Express your side in a logical respectable manner in order to get your point across... but be prepare to accept and acknowledge your own responsibilities.

by soullessprayer on 08-15-13
Thanks :)