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Don't Deny Subconsciousness
by xander-man
( Male from NY, USA )

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Michael Swango
05-19-12 06:55 PM

one of the topics discussed at this past week's dental conference in nashville was how hospitals and clinics across america need to have deeper, more penetrating levels of credentialling and privileging.  in other words, it's not good enough to have a dental license issued by a state after you've proven you are a graduate of an accredited dental school.  no way... in fact, it's not good enough that you take continuing dental education courses every year (often useless/mind-numbing lectures such as this one).  no that's not enough folks... you need to have dozens of different codes and numbers and background checks and certificates.  at least, this is according to the presenter at the conference, a physician in the indian health services corps.  oh, he no longer practices... now he just pushes paper and organizes/files the many certificates/codes of his employees. 

why all these layers of back-ground checks and 'professional monitoring?'  well, he used an example!  michael swango!

you see folks, there was once an asshole sociopath named michael swango (whose wikipedia photo looks suspiciously like chevy chase).  anyhow, this guy was the valedictorian of his high school class... he was a guy with the brains you know?  but he was a naughty naughty boy as well.... he went to medical school and started to poison his peers and patients!  what an asshole!

anyhow, swango graduates medical school (despite faking chart-notes and other unethical behavior), due to his school's bleeding-heart judicial-board.  lucky guy!

he goes on to poison and screw-up the lives of many patients before actually getting in real trouble.  his license is revoked and he disappears off the radar. 

what does he do?  he changes his name, and then weasels his way back into a job in medicine as a doctor. 

you see, this guy was SMART (valedictorian etc).  he was an unbelievable criminal sociopath, but he was determined, intelligent, and ultimately got what he wanted.... back into the system to inflict terror on sick patients.

anyhow, the guy eventually gets the boot from that program, so he goes off to africa and other countries over seas to mess with people.  eventually he's caught in a lay-over in an american airport, where he's arrested and put away for life in prison.

this guy was truly a sick sociopath.

here's the thing though.... more paperwork WILL NOT PREVENT THIS KIND OF THING IN THE FUTURE.  it ONLY screws over honest, hard-working, ethical, medical (or in my case dental) professionals.  criminals will ALWAYS find a way to mess with the system.  he forged papers in the 1980's.  today, he would find some way to get online clearance/online certification. 

this is like banning the internet because some perverts/hackers use it for crime, or banning tylenol because if you take enough of it, you'll die!

more oversight and regulation just leads to more road-blocks on the way to quality-care for patients. 

along the same lines, another dentist (the director for dental health no less) suggested we set a week where we give fluoride treatments to any person coming in off the street regardless of their patient-status.  sounds like a great idea right?  honestly, i can't believe the director suggested this... immediately a dozen hands went up to remind him that we have a stack of paperwork for EVERY patient to fill out prior to us even LOOKING in their mouths (in fear of law-suits).  he got backed into a corner so quickly it was hilarious.... sorry we don't live in 'happy land' anymore where people trust medical professionals (thank YOU michael swango, you asshole), and where us medical professional trust patients (due to some rotton-apple litigious people looking for hand-outs, and to ambulance-chasing lawyers).

ah well, there's my rant...
"someone created a computer worm once that spread over the internet and ruined a bunch of people's computers.  this is why we MUST ban the internet."


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by maria69, 05-20-12 09:59 AM   
Oh my gosh, what a crazy psycho. It makes it even worse that he went to Africa to continue his sick fantasies. I could see impoverished people happy to have the opportunity to see a dentist and then suddenly they're at the hands of a sadist... But yeah, there are sick people in every profession, every walk of life. No matter how much "paper work" you do, you can't stop them. That's the sad truth.
by xander-man, 05-21-12 08:36 AM   
ohhhh i didn't mention the icing on the cake maria. the guy was arrested in the USA, and he pled GUILTY to all of the charges (for life in prison), because if he was set-free again, the countries in africa where he 'practiced' had warrents out for his arrest, where he'd face the death penalty!
by maria69, 05-24-12 11:17 AM   
Wow, geez.
by sweetstrawberry, 05-20-12 07:04 PM   
That's insane!


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