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Everything Seems So Clear
by zombie cow
( 25, Male )

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Why I don't take my mom to the city.
04-17-12 02:30 PM

So, I decided it would be nice to take my mother with me to the big city...bad idea.

We are standing in line at the grocery store and she sees a guy who is all tattoo'd up and is wearing baggy clothing - a stereotypical "gangster".

My mom says loudly: "Honey, is that a gang banger dude right there?"


Mom: "That guy over there, is he a gang banger."

At this point everyone is looking at her in shock, I'm completely embarrassed because I realize she wants to know if he is a "gang member".

I just shake my head and say, "Probably mom,"

She then says just as loud: "Should we get out of this line? Is he going to harm us?"

Yep...time to get out of the line...

Current Mood: Embarrassed Embarrassed

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by angel of rock, 04-17-12 05:56 PM   
Grocery line gangsters are the worst of the worst haha
by zombie cow, 04-17-12 06:14 PM   
I just couldn't believe she called them "gang bangers" cus that just sounds dirty! I was so embarrassed hahaha
by imperfection.x, 04-17-12 09:57 PM   
Hahaha oh my gosh.
by jamielynn<3, 05-24-12 12:08 PM   
haha i wouldve died laughing


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