Work Always in Progress by urufu
i mostly just post drawings here >> also, if you wanna see my pictures in a more formal setup..check me out at ..cuz that's me too WAHAHAHA! NEW DEVIANTART ACCOUNT! ---- Soooo, basically I'm 20 and way into art and story-telling. Although I'm not very good at speaking, so you're better off "listening" to me tell my stories through writing. >_>; Ummm..I'm not that great of a writer either. Hehehehe. Oh well! I try. If you like my drawings and you want to get to know the artist better (lolwut. i'm srs.), then drop me an email or catch me on AIM anytime. I'm serious. I'm online, like, ALL the time. Because I have no life. *sigh* -_- But I'd love to hear some feedback. Really. I LOVE feedback. Even if it's a critique. So yeah, I think that's pretty much it.. Other things I'm into: World of Warcraft (i am SUCH a nerd.) Anime (if you couldn't guess) Fashion and stuff (even though I have a relatively poor fashion sense)