Dreaming... by russelllindsey9
As I Live on the Edge of Life

As I live on the edge of life, I clearly see what is truly most important.
No high-paced career, no material goods could ever make me happy.
All I need I have right in front of me now, the love of my life, my family.
If I lost everything else, I would still be ok, and now I have proof.

I have proof that I am worth more than my title or the money I make.
As I start out on this beautiful journey called life, I know what's precious.
No matter whether I achieve or experience failure, they will always be there.
They have, and always will, pick up the pieces that have shattered like glass.

The newest reincarnation may be more fragile, but it is also more beautiful.
While it may be fragile, it also has an inner strength that wasn't there before.
It is wiser for the fall, and now knows how to love more fully, deeper than ever.
And that is truly the greatest gift one can give herself in times of deep depair.

Current Mood: Anxious

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