Dreaming... by russelllindsey9

Seeking out the answers to the bigger questions of life, I just want solitude.
Some time to think on my own and organize the millions of random thoughts.
Thoughts flooding my brain with all the creativity and spark God gave me.
Solice in a time of chaos and uncertainity in all aspects of my life and the world.

How do others seem to have all the answers and have it all together?
For me, there is only slow, steady metamorphesis into something beautiful.
Beautiful, bold, unique, and quite unwilling to submit to societal norms.
Traditional and modern - a walking contradiction in every sense of the word.

Why was she made this way?  What hidden talents were given to her upon her birth?
Eventually, she'll find her place and all questions will be answered in time.
Eventually, she'll leave her mark upon the world in her own special way.
Her life, her work, her love, and her devotion.

Current Mood: Content

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