Dreaming... by russelllindsey9
Save Me From Myself

I dream, wish, hope, and fear for nothing.
Doesn't matter what happens in my life.
Nothing matters without you in my arms.
My empty arms say it all - a life wasted.

What I create will surely die with me.
And be swept up in a wave of hell fire.
You won't be here to keep it alive and well.
How will anyone know that I ever existed?

10 years after my untimely death, nothing.
No one will remember that I was once here.
Someone who loved and was loved deeply.
Someone who risked it all for naught.

But, there is hope in hanging on to a dream.
And not giving in to the whims of the Earth.
My very soul has loved you always and forever.
And that will and should count for something.

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