Dreaming... by russelllindsey9
Some Day...

You were loved long before you were a thought, hope, or dream.
And you will be cherished forever no matter what happens on Earth.
You were created, whether fulfilled or not, out of undying true love.
It is only you that sustains me and allow me to grow and create.

It may seem selfish that I crave having you alone for months,
But it is only that desire that allows me to prepare for your life.
I long to teach you right from wrong, and all I've learned in my life.
I believe that, no matter what, you will watch us grow and mature.

I may not get to hold you, touch you, or kiss your little baby toes,
I may not get to soothe your fears and tuck you in each starry night,
It does not matter, because the mere thought of you is enough.
You'll always be the deepest part of my soul propelled into the future.

As I think of all the traditional stories and dare to hope, pray, and believe,
You are every action I take, everything I experience in life, and more...
As a result, you already have been given life, whether you like it or not.
Nothing can keep me from you; nothing can keep a mother from her child.

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