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Spring Cleaning

Simply organizing the haphazard collection of thoughts, ideas, clothes, books, and nicknacks.
All on display for everyone to see, it isn't much to some, but it is the world to me - memories acquired.
Placed carefully in boxes for future generations to discover and ponder, the memories too painful to bear.
Friends who went on to have lives of their own, a dog-eared book long since forgotten, and photos.
Evidence of the life I once led, that is now only a distant dream that might never be reclaimed.

Ideas and youthful enthusiasm now idle.  Cherished dreams now scattered among the boxes.
Trying to move on and create new memories, experiences, and the like - starting over continuously.
The intangibles are what survive - the feeling of freedom, youth, and irrelevance - amongst the drudgery.
How do you move on when you can't seem to get rid of what you once cherished most in the world?
There is no room to usher in a new phase in your life if you let go of nothing of the past - even dreams.

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