Dreaming... by russelllindsey9
Sun, Sand, and Life

As I lay on the beach daydreaming, I slowly fall away.
Fall into a fantasy world of sun, sand, and water...
All I need is a hammock, margarita, and sunglasses.
Oh, and I don't know, maybe a good book or two or three.

As I slowly wake, and head out into the thunderous surf,
As I fall away under the waves, I float into a private new world -
A wet painting of blue, green, and yellow - newly discovered,
A new world full of interesting, silent, and wonderous life.

Current Mood: Calm

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by behindthedoor on 03-01-06
Oh my gosh... that sounds amazing. I wish I hadn't read this, it's got me lusting to do just what you described. Wow.

by russelllindsey9 on 03-03-06
Thanks! Check out russelllindsey.blogspot.com. I hope you enjoy my other poems too. More later... Lindsey